Sunday, 25 June 2017

Don Cherry ‎– "Brown Rice" (EMI ‎– 3C 064-18107) 1975

Now a chance to post something different.
Of course Neneh Cherry, of Rip Rig + Panic's step dad was Jazz legend Don Cherry; who also played the good bits on the "I am Cold" album.
So you gotta be curious as to what he got up to in his long career haven't you.....what d'you mean 'No'!?
Here's Don's obscure seventies Jazz Fusion masterpiece that is 'Brown Rice'.A kind of laid back ,post-jazz world fusion experiment from the lost year of 1975.When all us 'white kids' were being tortured by ELP and Yes.Black music never seems to have a bad year(depending on taste; which,according to Mark Stewart of The Pop Group ' a form of censorship').If you dig deep enough there hasn't really been a bad year since about 1966 in pop music, even further in the Avant Garde and Jazz..........jeez I'm being generous today!
Normal service will be resumed on the next post.......or maybe start right away.....Is it me or is everything SHIT!?

Brown Rice 5:14
Malkauns 13:59
Chenrezig 12:50
Degi-Degi 7:05


ejh said...

It's not just you! Your music and writing however is saving us. Thanks!

rev.b said...

Nice curve ball Jonny, thx.