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The Diagram Brothers ‎– "Some Marvels Of Modern Science + Singles 1980-82" (New Hormones ORG 17) 1981

Twenty-four prog-punk parables for modern living from 1980/82, showcasing the British love of ironic pentameter and satire.
The horrors of WMD's juxtaposed with such banal evils as built-in obsolescence, hypochondria,and city councils, reveal through discordant music and humour that hell is more likely to be at next door's fondue soirée rather than deep underground somewhere.
The satire even has predictive qualities too! If only more than a couple of thousand,probably already enlightened people had heard and absorbed "I'm not going to fight for Oil" then we wouldn't be in the bath of shit that we find ourselves in today?......well at least a different bath of shit anyway!?
After all, we are ALL animals, aren't we?


1 Those Men In White Coats 3:07
2 My Bad Chest Feels Much Better Now 3:30
3 Seals / Furcoats 2:17
4 Put It In A Bigger Box 2:42
5 Words From Major 3:22
6 Here Come The Visitors 3:06
7 Isn't It Interesting How Neutron Bombs Work 4:01
8 Ron! The Morris Minor's Gone 3:12
9 I'm A Policeman 1:23
10 I Didn't Get Where I Am Today By Being A Right Git 3:51
11 Aggeravation 3:06
12 I'm Not Going To Fight For Oil 2:46
13 Litter 1:34
14 Bikers 3:30

Bonus Tracks:

15 Bricks 2:43
16 Postal Bargains 1:56
17 Discordo 3:29
18 My Dinner 2:52
19 Fondue Soiree 3:31
20 Cherry Blossom 2:07
21 We Are All Animals 2:40
22 There Is No Shower 2:19
23 I Would Like To Live In Prison 0:52
24 Right Git (German Version) 3:30

Tracks 15 and 16 originally released as 7" "Bricks" in 1981. 
Tracks 17 to 20 originally released as 10" EP "Discordo" in 1982. 
Tracks 21 to 23 originally released as 7" EP "We Are All Animals" in 1980. 
Track 24 originally released on 7" "German EP" in 1982.

DOWNLOAD some marvels of post punk britain HERE!


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Steve said...

thanks JZ!

jonder said...

I was just listening to this recently. The lyrics to "Right Git" are sadly relevant once again -- "I don't care if America's run by a criminal" among them.

I am enjoying your series of prog-punk posts very much.

rev.b said...

Good music and rant Jonny. To jonder's point; America certainly is run by criminals - no matter who it's citizens elect. The decisions about who runs things are made elsewhere.

Rubby said...

Sweet jesus this is a fantastic band... thank you!

Jumping Jack Flashback said...

The twin band Dislocation Dance' early phase "Music Music Music" is also very good.

Jonny Zchivago said...

There is some Dislocation Dance on here somewhere......The Four Ways Outs shared LP, where they have four tracks. I have Music Music Music,which is ok,but bordering on the muzak muzak muzak which is no bad thing.....testcard music again....good stuff.

Jonathan said...

"sorry mate, nothing wrong with this, just ain't got no batteries in" – classic lyrics :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Lyrically,"Postal Bargains" is my personal favourite Diagram Bros toon. A microcosm of modern capitalism.

sathya said...
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