Monday, 19 June 2017

Glaxo Babies ‎– "Nine Months To The Disco" (Heartbeat Records ‎– HB2) 1980

It's Glaxo Babies but not as we knew them.
After a line-up change, our second favourite Bristolians recorded their only official album, and its like a different group made it. No vocals,lots of of showing off how eclectic and sophisticated their record collections are, and some on-trend bass slapping,all glued together with a disco beat.
It was time to break up and they obliged us. Dick Catsis taking his funky bass slappin', and "Shake (the Foundations)" to the Pop Group.
A sad demise to a group with buckets of potential.


A1 Maximal Sexual Joy
A2 This Is Your Vendetta
A3 Seven Days
A4 Electric Church
A5 Nine Months To The Disco
B1 Promised Land
B2 The Tea Master And The Assassin
B3 Free Dem Cells
B4 Dinosaur Disco Meets The Swampsstomp
B5 Conscience
B6 Slim
B7 Shake (The Foundations)


Jumping Jack Backslash said...

I like this album more than "Put..", because I also like Disco, Funk and Soul and strange experiments.
There ARE vocals on this album, "Maximum Sexual Joy" is repeated again and again, and "Conscience" has also some lyrics. And not all tracks have disco beats, seriously I would say, the only track is "Shake" that really comes close to a disco beat.

There is another compilation "The Porlock Factor" where they went hm really Haircut 100 like :) you wont like it at all.
I guess you also know Transmitters' "And we call that leisure time" which is more like the Funk singles...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hardly call that vocals....more like chanting.
I like Funk too, but i'd listen to a record by a funk band if i wanted that.
Never got Soul, because i don't have any.
As for Disco......Nah!
I have a Transmitters lP, but i can't remember what it sounds like....i must give it a spin.
I did like Haircut 100's first hit..."Favourite Shirts" wasn't it? Much better than Orange Juice.....then they went a bit moody.

Jumping Jack Flashlight said...

You call "chanting" not "vocals"? So there are not so much vocals on any Parliament or Bootsy album? They've got a whole group of vocalists managing that.
No soul? That's ok because nobody's got an "soul" - this is a stupid concept from ancient times.
But you also dont need to be a punk to listening to punk music.
There might be intelligent disco music out there, it's the same case with every music style: Some punk music might be dull and dumb and pure scheme, I dont see any difference to disco music (except the sound and used instruments, bla) because the concept might be the same. That's why ~90% of punk and metal bores me explicitely.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I think my main complaint was to do with this album being totally different to the previous recorded output of this group. It's Kinda mis-sold jazz fan music.....which is me, but, if i wanted some experimental jazz i'd go elsewhere, and not to the Glaxo Babies.
I adore most, 'punk' music, but can't abide 'Punks'.....primarily i look for the essence that most punk dissectors call 'attitude'(another word i hate)....which can be found in many styles of music....even Disco. But it can have richer seams in certain places,like post punk, free jazz, and the avant garde........metal definitely bores, although there is a narrow band of intelligent metal,which i do like a lot.
Its ok for Parliament to chant, because thats what they always did....Glaxo's had lyrics,and a vocalist until this rather dull record.

As for the definition of quote ,was it Funkadelic?..."What is SOUL...Hell, I don't know".
I reckon they mean feel and emotion rather than 'A Soul' which case I have neither.....unless you call 'Anger' an emotion, which women don't count when they are assainating your character as a 'man' bitterness an emotion too? buckets full of that one.

Jumping Black Ass said...

ah, ok. I had made the experience the other way round: I heard "Nine Months" first and "Guest List" afterwards, and for me there were completely different styles even the same band.. and I liked both. Anyway, "Nine.." is also some kind of "krautrock" and krautrock regularly doesnt go elsewhere. That's why I like the _concept_ of the music by Can, but most of their albums dont talk to me so much. I find them quite boring, and the only hit they had and I still like was ... a disco number. So much for pathos:

I dont consider myself a "fan boy", I find this concept of "being a fan" quite ridiculous. I reeaally like the music by let's say Bootsy; I subscribed to his facebook channel, but after a while I got bored by lots of pff superfluous, arbitrary postings which absolutely mean nothing, connected to "show him some love by clicking the 'like' button", I felt like sick and abandoned my subscription. How can a man who produced absolutely all time classics talk like some facebook kiddie!?
And here comes your word "attitude" in, they lost it.. at mentioned before as they are successfull AND conjoined to their success by their "fans" who only wants to read positive stuff.. what a stupid concept...

Soul is ".. a joint rolled in toilet paper", haha. I know my Clinton quotations, for sure.
I call "anger" etc an emotion, too, why not. What else can it be? by the way, I have one anecdote from the days of '81: I played one of the old Pop Group LPs when a few girls from the school class or whatever were around. They said "What is this shit? It's so numb and insensitive", and I asked what music they would like to hear. It ended up in "Q.E.2" by Mike Oldfield "It's so emotional". WTF...?