Saturday, 3 June 2017

X-Ray Spex - "Peel Sessions" (1978)

Alright, no Lora Logic on these sessions, but we do have 7 classic major chord pop-punk thrashes featuring the dearly departed Polly Styrene and some future New Romantics!
Not satisfied with jumping on the Punk Rock bandwagon, the boys in X-Ray Spex couldn't wait to clamber on board the Futurist Cinderella's coach, and become the living joke that was Classix Nouveaux!!!....further evidence that the vast majority of our Punk 'Heroes' NEVER MEANT IT!
After a comfortable distance of 35 years, I downloaded the first two Classix Nouveaux LP's, and found them an abstract listening experience, and a lesson in how unintentionally 'weird' pop music can become. The singer was undoubtedly a complete prick, but musically it sounds like a soundtrack from a disco in a low budget sci-fi TV series from the mid-eighties. I'm thinking dancing Cylon's from Battlestar Galactica here? Hear the cymbal-less polygonal 'Simmons' electronic drum kit, fretless bass, clown-like catholic jugend (or Bell end?) Führer Sal Solo as an android Brian ferry, and take a selfie of yourself ,open mouthed in shock at what just entered your mind!......incredible stuff???


1st Peel Session 20th Feb 1978:

1 Genetic Engineering
2 Art-I-Ficial
3 I Am A Poser
4 Identity

2nd Peel Sessions 6th November 1978: 

5 Germ Free Adolescents 
6 Warrior In Woolworths
7 Age


Philip Johnson said...

One of Classix Nouveaux was married to Katie Puckrik of The Word, apparently they were her absolute favourite band and she came to Britain just to meet them.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Such shocking foundations for matrimony!?

Michael said...

Noooo, s**t !!! Curiousity kills my time...
I have just googled some Classix Nouveaux tracks. What an incredible waste of time.
I should learn my english better to never misinterpret your warnings again:D

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry for being too Ironic.....difficult to translate it into other languages.
Classix Nouveaux are kinda like unearthing a dinosaur in the 19th century. Jaw dropping could a thing like this ever have existed!
A fine example of bad bad.....rather than Good Bad.....but even then there's a little tingle in my brain that dares me to like this shit......i mean, I like A Flock Of Seagulls, so why not this. Its just weird how pop culture mutates,thats what's interesting about this kind of group.
I'm just sorry you had to hear,or even worse, see them, without an adequate health warning.