Saturday, 24 June 2017

Rip Rig + Panic - "I Am Cold" (Virgin Records) 1982

The Pop Group spin-off ,Rip Rig + Panic's slightly more controlled and structured follow up to the massive financial flop "God".Somehow they managed to persuade trumpet maestro Don Cherry to add a bit of class to augment his step Daughters' whiny vocals.

Basically it's more of the same anything goes kind of trendy dubby jazz-punk fusion but with less wild abandon of the first LP.
Again, Virgin give them the double vinyl treatment, which ensured that they lost even more money in the vane hope that they could find the next Sex Pistols or Mike Oldfield to finance Branson's greater ambitions.

North Side
1 Hunger (The Ocean Roars It Bites) 3:00
2 Epi Epi Arp Woosh! 4:00
3 Another Tampon Up The Arse Of Humanity 4:00
4 Misa Luba Lone Wolf 3:06
East Side
5 Storm The Reality Asylum 4:00
6 Here Gathers Nameless Energy (Volcanoes Covered By Snow) 4:20
7 A Dog's Secret 1:30
8 Liars Shape Up Or Ship Out 2:00
South Side
9 Warm; To The If In Life 4:30
10 Nurse Increase The Sedatives (The Torment's No Better) 4:15
11 Take A Don Key To Mystery 4:00
West Side
12 Tax Sex 5:00
13 Subversive Wisdom 5:00
14 Fire Eyes Joyful Silent Tears 4:10

15 You're My Kind Of Climate (7" single)


Unknown said...

Sorry to say, but these MP3's are corrupted. When I open the "I am cold" folder in my windows explorer hangs.

Jonny Zchivago said...

I suspected there was a problem.....i will make a new rip tonight....sorry 'bout this, shit happens.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Now re-ripped, and re-upped and working as of today!....also added the missing tracks from the double disc version.

Ter Meulen said...


Christian Storm said...

Thanks for this! They got Don Cherry on this because Don's stepdaughter, Neneh, sang in the band!

Jonny Zchivago said...

As was mentioned in the blurb.

freakpowertix said...

This is all amazing. I was researching bands that were on The Young Ones and lo and behold. And so interesting to see an early work by Neneh Cherry! Makes total sense, given her work with Matt Johnson and The The.

Jonny Zchivago said...

There were some shite bands on the Young Ones weren't there?....Goth period Damned...terrible....Killed By Death Motorhead....awful.....and Rip Rig And Panic....the producers obviously tried to be trendy inviting RR+P!