Monday, 31 March 2014

Funboy Five ‎– "Life After Death" (Cool-Cat-Daddy-O Recs. ‎– Phun 1) 1980

Stu mentioned(see comments for the Scrotum Poles) that this was his favourite single.So for those of you who are curious as to his motivation behind this statement,here's your chance to find out why he thinks this is better than a record that contains the genius of 'Helicopter Honeymoon'? Is this possible,yes, but its a close run thing.
Is there life after death?
The philosophers that were the Funboy Five prove that there is definitely death after life at least for human kind; but for crap pop groups there is immortality after death, and in some cases, a rebirth.
Its the kind of amateurish,charmingly naïve,colloquial outsider punk 'indie' prototype, that we all now love and cherish like a relic of a dear departed relative; and now call UK DIY.
Release your record and then Fuck Off! This is the way it should be; if only U2 and Coldply did this? In fact forget about the 'release your record' bit in their case;just FUCK OFF......PLEASE!
(Check out the "Anything Could Happen in the next Half Hour" compilation tape earlier in this blog,for, amonst other delights, more Funboy Five.)


A Life After Death
B Compulsive Eater

DOWNLOAD and believe in death after life HERE!


Stu said...

It's one of those records that just makes you feel good. Part-Time Punks by TVPs, Groovy Strait by Thrilled Skinny, Steaming Train by Talulah Gosh, Stool Pigeon by Vic Godard, pretty much anything by the deranged Lawrence of Felt/Denim/Go-Kart Mozart. I'm sure everyone has their own list.

sweet-hooligan said...

'Tis indeed a great single. We (Controls) shared some tape space with FB5 and alter-egos Milkshake Melon on the X-Cassettes label... ('Bits' and 'Anything Could Happen...' both available on here somewhere Nick?). You just can't beat that Sooty-style organ!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes Tim, they are on here,lost in the december Tsunami of posts to catch up lost ground after I got deleted!
Controls have yet to be re-added,but its coming soon.
Sooty had a fine organ as Sue would testify if asked by Mr Corbett. Sweep had a fine voice also, which is often forgotten.

Mark L. said...

If you have it, would you post the Milkshake Melon cassette??