Sunday, 23 March 2014

The Manchester Mekon ‎– "No Forgetting" (Newmarket Records ‎– NEW 102) 1979

Formerly just, The Mekon; The Manchester Mekon were obviously a bunch of ex-proggers who were never good enough to play yer actual progressive rock/folk, and took the opportunity offered them by the Manchester Musicians Collective, to have a music career of sorts.

Here's the proof:
All the male members look like they were failed auditionees as the fourth member of Egg;and the two girlies must have been in a progressive Folk outfit at some stage in 1973?
But.......this e.p. is fairly entertaining, it even includes a prog/folk number, 'Jonathan Livingstone Seafood', which ends the B-side.I like a nice bit of Flute does I,topped off with some slinky work on vibes. These fellows know their way around a varied selection of instruments so they do!
'No Forgetting' is a classic limp-wristed proto-Indie cheapo organ led classic, the kind that's so popular with the Messthetics crowd.
Out comes a honking saxophone,and a fiddle, for the dance classic 'Have a Go-go',which includes a free jazz section to complete this short trip through the genres.
Probably added the prefix,Manchester, to avoid confusion with their namesakes from across the Pennines, in Leeds; namely the far more successful, Mekons.

Tracklist :

A No Forgetting
B1 Have A Go-Go
B2 Jonathan Livingstone Seafood

DOWNLOAD and don't forget to unzip it! HERE!


Christos Tsanakas said...

Ubuntu One DOEs NOT FUNCTION to download this one... - C.T.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Fear not, i'll sort it out tomorrow. Ubuntu one does not function at all anymore. This is one i haven't reupped yet.

The Mekon said...

This photo of "the band" is a photo of the original line-up, including the original keyboard player and his girlfriend. The EP was recorded much later, when Francis had replaced him. Also, the photo excludes the original bass player, and Louise, who actually played bass on the EP, and Chris, the flautist.