Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Scrotum Poles – "Revelation EP" (One Tone ‎– ERECT 1) 1980

The near mythical ep from Dundee's Scrotum Poles.
Thrill to the romance of "Helicopter Honeymoon" and wonder at the abstract lyricism of "Pick The Cats Eyes Out". This is one of the classic self -financed releases of the period.
They 'like the Television Personalities' ,it says on the sleeve; and that best describes the tunes pressed onto this porky prime cut. Kind of a sillier version of the TVP's,but did it better by not releasing more than one EP.
They're almost too famous these days to be included on Die or DIY?


A1 Why Don't You Come Out Tonight?
A2 Night Train

B1 Pick The Cat's Eyes Out
B2 Helicopter Honeymoon
B2 Radio Tay

DOWNLOAD from the scrotum HERE!


Stu said...

One of the best DIY pop-post-punk records. My second fave after Life After Death by Funboy Five.

Anonymous said...

Can't download... a new window pops up, disappears and nothing happens!

Anonymous said...

Gave it another try and it worked, thanks!

JWishbone said...

Oops. Appears to be unavailable.

(I've plundered so much from your blog over the last week that I don't want you to mistake this for a complaint. I'm very very appreciative. Just thought you should know it's no longer up, especially given your particularly high praise.)

Jonny Zchivago said...

try this then:

and this