Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Üwan - "Ü3" (Year Zero Records YEAR 025) 2013

Back to Year Zero,and some self-promotion.......
Üwan's improvised third symphony for Guitar, Drum and iPod seems to channel the sound of the skies above Pakistan's tribal regions,and soon, coming to a town near YOU, the skies above your head.
The sound of a thousand Drones zeroing in on enemies of "Freedom", cherry picking such dangers as The Nouveau Intelligentsia, Political Agitators, and collateral damagees.
This is the sound of Paranoia as Fact, an oppressive future 'now', that has arrived under invitation of the oppressed. The aural reality of the Problem, Reaction, Solution method of mass manipulation, the music of conspiracy fact.
Its here, and this is what it sounds like.

DOWNLOAD while you still can HERE!


Anonymous said...


Sounds great (and modern) ;)


Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Zeb, especially for the 'Modern' bit.

bill said...

That's wonderful. :)