Saturday, 22 March 2014

Various Artists ‎– "The Potent Human E. P." (L´Aventure ‎– CNS001) 1980

More amateurish naiveté from The manchester Musicians Collective, in the form of the superb "Potent Human EP".
The obvious highlight is the Bathroom Renovations languid anthem,"Apathetic Hell". Is there an undiscovered treasure trove full of unreleased Bathroom renovations recordings? If so, I,at least, neeeed it!
The Spurtsz treat us to a jolly bontempi organ led singalong proto indie number that is utterly charming.
The Liggers serve up some northern white reggae,underpinned by the kind of cheap amateur organists rhythm box we all love.(check out their John Peel Session HERE!)
Then the mighty Manchester Mekon (as opposed to the Leeds Mekon(s) I suppose) supply a tune with lyrics like "I love to play with boys,Little Boys"?Which in the 21st century would cause the band to be lynched by an angry mob from the underclass,no doubt to deflect their own impure practices. You know the fuckers,the ones who beat up a Paediatrician because they didn't know the difference between him and a paedophile (true story)! Their lives could have been saved by the fact that a female sings this potentially charming and innocent tune.
The Bathroom Renovations.


A1 The Spurtz "I Won't Libby"
A2 Bathroom Renovations "Apathetic Hell"
B1 The Liggers "Deathwish"
B2 The Manchester Mekon "Little Boys"

DOWNLOAD this potent mp3 file HERE!

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