Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Grow Up - "The Best Thing" (Object Music OBJ005) 1979

A fine slice of Proto-Indie pop from the ignored, but badly named Grow-Up. Fourteen, almost catchy, tracks of concise unpretentious pop music. Part of the post punk world that tried to distance itself from the gobbing, leather jacketed Travis Bickles that fucked Punk up forever. It was a subversive act to be able to play an instrument, write eloquent lyrics that didn't rely on expletives, and create songs that you can remember. A quality album full of song-craft, like an nonirritating Spherical Objects record, but better.

Track Listing:

Instrumental (When She Calls)

The Best Thing


She's Always There

Dear Isobel

Do You Want To Dance

Her Song

Too Much Love

Spilt Tea

Autumn Movie

Golden Promises

No Mirror

The Peak


DOWNLOAD and then grow up HERE


everyoneislistening [i.e. Bob Dylarama] said...

I love that cat!!

Stu said...

Great album. Really love indie-pop before all that Sarah Records anorak twee shitness.

Streamliner said...

Grow Up's "The Best Thing" is one of my absolute favorite albums of the entire post-punk era. Sadly ignored, you'll surely recognize it as a true classic, if you spend the time getting to know it. More articulate than I could ever be, here is an Amazon reviewer's take on the album. He gets it right:

Jonny Zchivago said...

I will take your advice, but as you can imagine I listen to torrents of music every day just to find appropriate stuff to drone on about in this blog and other appropriate vessels.
I'm sure its a..... grower (geddit?),and i'll give it a longer chance when i'm bored.

Mark Harris said...

On so many levels the unsung Manchester background to the Smiths, only a few years ahead of them. Has this ever been mentioned? You can hear Morrissey inflections and phrasings anticipated in John Bisset-Smith's voice (The Best Thing, Joanne) and Marr guitar picking (The Best Thing). It's a bit uncanny just how close they can be. And the restless inventiveness and the packing in of ideas, words and linguistic turns in the lyrics…

Jonny Zchivago said...

So now we know who to blame for the Smiths!

Unknown said...

Could you please re-upload this file?
I recently came across this stuff thanks to Mark Burgess from The Chameleons Vox.

Ozzy from Lima, Peru

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello, as far as I can see there is nothing wrong with the file.You should be able to download it without problems!?