Friday, 21 March 2014

Various Artists ‎– "Unzipping The Abstract (Bands Of The Manchester Musicians Collective)" (MMC Records MMC1) 1980

As Promised here is the second compilation, from the Manchester Musicians Collective,and this does include The Marvelously Monikered, Bathroom Renovations; featuring Armitage Shanks and someone called Bidet?
More of the same wonderfully amateur and ambitionless outsider punk.What more can I say to recommend this collection of sub-genius.
Its almost as good as its companion comp, 'A Manchester Collection'.
As the slogan on the back of the sleeve says, 'File under: Only a bit bleak and arty'.
I'll just say it again: The Bathroom Renovations.
That's the kind of band we should all want to be in? Isn't it?

Track Listing:

1. The Bathroom Renovations - Intensely Henna’d
2. Cajun Cutie - Black Man’s Hat
3. Dislocation Dance - You Can’t Beat History
4. The Enigma - Play With Fire
5. Gods Gift - Creeps In
6. The Hoax - World War III
7. If Only - If Only
8. The Liggers - Pretty Girl
9. The Manchester Mekon - Must Have More Wheels
10. Outter Edge - Old Wives Tales
11. Performance - Natural Equilibrium
12. The Spurtz - Boyfriends Or Your Money Back
13. The Still - 9.5
14. Undercovermen - Of No Fixed Abode
15. Vibrant Thigh - Walking Away.

DOWNLOAD and unzip the abstract mp3 file HERE!


Unknown said...

Cheers for uploading this.
Bought the original album back in 1980, but not played in over 20 years since moving house (it should be somewhere in the loft collecting dust)
Only really remembered Dislocation Dance, Gods Gift and the Liggers, so good to hear those again, and the rest too.
Might have to consider looking for more of Gods Gift now

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, great album.
i do have a God's Gift retrospective on Hyped2Death records which i will be posting sometime soon after all these Joy Division bootlegs I've committed myself to posting.

Anonymous said...

If Only were fantastic. Saw them a few times at Band On The Wall. Sadly their lead singer took his own life....but this track is really wonderful.