Monday, 31 March 2014

Thin Yoghurts ‎– "Girl On The Bus" (Lowther Street Runner ‎– YOG 1) 1980

Oh the sublime ordinariness of the poetry contained within these grooves! Naive charm materialised in a seven inch plastic disc, with a superb "first thought,best thought" designed in one minute stream of consciousness picture sleeve, printed on the cheapest paper imaginable.
If you don't love this pop masterpiece from a parallel universe, then you belong in the universe we are in; a joyless place where Leona Lewis and that Hairy Angel bird from Britain’s got talent rule the airwaves,in place of the Scrotum Poles and Danny & the Dressmakers!??


A Girl On The Bus
B Drink Problem

DOWNLOAD the girl from the bus HERE!


ROOKSBY said...

This is a lot better than I was expecting! Don't 'spose you have a copy of their cassette you could upload, old chap?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't have the whole cassette, but I do have one track from it.Don't know where i got it from,but i'll e-mail it to ya.
"Container lorry" its called i think.

Anonymous said...

Cumbria's finest, well much better than It Bites, much better.