Thursday, 27 March 2014

The Collective Horizontal - "Crap Game E.P." (Dolmen Records DO-1) 1979

One of thee Definitive records of UK DIY. Its alllll here; apathetic vocals that sound like they're sung in a cardboard box, cheap drum machines played through a cheaper amp in an even cheaper toilet. There's even an appearance from DIY deity, Nag, of The Door and the Window, on WASP synth. Guitars are not the driving instrument we have come to know and love in this post Led Zep era. The six stringed monster is reduced to a barely tuned shivering wreck, lurking in the corner of the toilet block. Cometh the junk shop organ to carry the melody.
Not everyone could afford a white Gibson Les Paul ,like our hero's in the Sexy Pistols, or get our clothes from trendy Kings Road boutiques. We had to make do with charity shop clothes and instruments, and sometimes we would blow bubbles in a half filled bottle of water as an accompanying effect; just one of the many musical highlights on this insane record.
This was the real revolution........"I am an Anarchiiiiiist" you're not.

Recorded Live in a studio in Mono.

Track Listing:

Crap Game 1:05
Slow Guns 1:40
Edward's Leer 3:30
Beach Coma 3:10
Tortured Meanderings 2:30

DOWNLOAD these tortured meanderings HERE!

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Yeah this is beyond the impl....I mean awesome or something.

Thanks, Nathan.G