Friday, 21 March 2014

Manchester Musicians Collective - " A Manchester Collection" (Object Music OBJ 003) 1979

One of thee Best compilations EVER,if not one of thee best albums EVER, is this; from The Famed Manchester Musicians Collective, the home of the group with the best band name EVER!....The Bathroom Renovations!
Unfortunately they do not feature on this volume, one must wait for the post of the second Manchester collective collection, "Uzipping The Abstract".
The north west rival organisation to the even more imaginatively named "London Musicians Collective", home of The Door and The Window and Here and Now (Kif Kif et al).

The tracks that follow are a symphony of naive ineptitude and unspoilt musical innocence, that urinate on the corpse of corporate "rock". This is how "rock should" sound like, end of.....!

01.GROW-UP.You Are The One
02.GROW-UP.Night Rally
03.I.Q. ZERO.I'm In Love
04.I.Q. ZERO.I Must Obey
06.FAST CARS.What Can I Do
10.PICTURE CHORDS.First Floor Exercises
11.PICTURE CHORDS.Levitating Ladies
12.The MANCHESTER MEKON.The Cake Shop Device
13.PROPERTY OF.Property Of...
14.VIBRANT THIGH.Wooden Gangsters
15.F.T. INDEX.Working On The Line

DOWNLOAD an instant manchester collection HERE!


Anonymous said...

I had both those MMC collective albums and binned them off at a charity shop many years ago. They were absolute shite.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You should have opted for the Dire Straits LP instead. They were so shite that you bought the second one a year later!? Tut Tut!

All I Want. said...

Round and Round and Round we go. I don't currently own this one, but two copies have passed through my hands. The last time I ended up giving it to Mark Hoyle, who was in Vibrant Thigh. And last week, I saw him for the first time in years when Dub Sex played in Manchester. If you get the chance, see them.

All I Want. said...

Oh, and look what turns up this very day on the Manchester District Music Archive... (Not sure if links are permitted, so have put it in "" to enable editing) ""

konrad said...

Any chance for a reup of this?


Jonny Zchivago said...

There's a very good chance of a fact it is now re-upped as of June 8th 2016.