Tuesday 24 October 2023

WCKR SPGT – "The Charles Mansion: A Rock Opera By WCKR SPGT" (Traumatone – TT28) 1986


Another band name that won't get you on the Billboard Hot Ten Million,or even featured in a liberal conversation on the subject of obscure bands,because no-one can remember the name or pronounce it. Prince tried it with his 'symbol' concept,and that went tits-up, as did that eighties band, belatedly called Freur,when previously they only had a prince before Prince symbol as their moniker.Sadly, I am informed, Freur went on to become the profoundly irritating one hit wonder middle-aged ravers,Underworld,or was that Underpants?

The Freur symbol as seen on their smash 1983 number 17 hit in New Zealand, "Doot Doot".
I suppose WCKR SPGT come under the pranksters with lucrative day-jobs category, the UK equivalent  being something like The Ceramic Hobs, or Danny and the Dressmakers.
Apparently they've released a new album called "Hackney Diamonds", which by sheer coincidence happens to be the title of the new Rolling Stones album.Ho! Ho! Those cheeky Monkeys.
Skipping through their long established website, I spotted one Michael Gerald ,late of the group Killdozer contributing vocals on a duet with an Wckr Spgt-er, so they must be ok...yeah?
However, what fooled me into taking notice was the enticing prospect of some complete idiot making a Charles Manson Musical.
Only later did I realise that the title spelled Mansion and not Manson...i felt cheated,but isn't that what this lot are all about?
Merry Pranksters in the tradition of the KLF and Negativland, but with shitter music.
They must all be well in their 60's by now, having formed in 1981,but they're still chucking out the pranks it seems....and why the fuck not?
Oh,.... the music?
Its lo-fi DIY in the style we all know and love.Lots of echo on the Resident-esque hi-pitched vocals,with what hints at Harmoniser ownership in places;further raising my suspicious shell-likes to the well-paid dilettante possibilities, as an eventide Harmonizer cost a kings ransom back in the 80's. These chaps had a well paid job or two in their ranks.
Disappointed at the lack of a Manson Musical on these cassettes,a lead role tailor made for Michael Ball,and Ashley Banjo's Diversity street dancers as the Family....ON ICE!....wow!? I will now have to console myself with a fun moment, thinking only of my fantasy Rock-Opera Musicals.....someone already did "Plan Nine From Outer-space" didn't they...bastards!
I've got lots of Idea's for a musical about the Waco Siege,featuring Wayne Sleep as David Koresh? its just the problem as to who owns the copyright to Koresh's songs?
If its his surviving kids, forget it...they think I'm an Asshole....which isn't entirely inaccurate one must admit!?...you didn't know I was so Humble did you?
I'll suggest a Lucy Letby musical to my fellow justice seekers, including some dancing Babies and Michael Flatley as an evil jewish senior Doctor disguised as a loveable Irish consultant......P.S. have you selfish fuckers signed the free Lucy Letby Petition yet?...NO?...FFS...click here then!?


No Sign of Danger
Ox Chase
The Girl (Still Running)
The House On The Hillside Strangler
In Retrospect
No Sign Of Danger 2
Goodbye Ox
Should I go in?
The Charles Mansion
Rude Awakening
Uninvited Guest At A Dinner Party
Everything's Scary
The Back yard
Respect For Lawnmowers
Unfair Prospect
Big-Faced Girl
History repents
Because(She'll do anything)
Elegant Dirt
Lost in Texas
Intuition and Stupidity
Elegant Dirt 2
Should I go Inside
Lifting the Tissue
A Thousand Hail Mary's
She Lies
Tarla Walks
I'll See You In Heaven
No Sign Of Danger
Getting to the Root
After The fact
Charles Mansion
The Charles Mountain
Folkal Point
The Cleaning Of the Rock
Getting It Down
God Talks To The Man and The Ox
Tustin Coin-op
The Ox Strikes Back
The Apology(Accepted)
God Starts To Cry
To The Bronx
Memories Of a Recent Journey
The Finding Of The Foot
Back at The Charles Mountain


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Ifor Biggwn said...

David Koresh is still alive in his home town, another crypto-Jew spook as part of the CIA's psyops.

If there were no serial killers (all fakes anyway like covid, Hamas (created by Mossad), climate change, etc), people wouldn't want their governements to protect them, they'd want to live their lives the way they want, and wouldn't pay any taxes to the fascist elites who are the real psychopaths.

Jonny Zchivago said...

How do do we know that you're not a Crypto-Welshman placed by MI6 to help make conspiracy facts look like made-up nonsense designed to hide the truth in plain sight? You is the spook boyo.

Spacious Specious said...

I recently visited Las Vegas. Turns out that some reality TV star that hosts a Ghost Chaser show, Zac "Bilbo" Bagend, bought Charles Manson's cremains and has displayed them in a "Haunted Museum." I can't help but think about how delighted Manson would be if he knew his ashes were being ogled by thrillseekers in a room full of John Gacy paintings and such. They have scary clowns there too.