Monday 23 October 2023

SEP/8363 – ".04" (Party Sound Tapes – P.S.-6) 1984

Not that you give seven shades of shite,but,I have a liking for groups with totally unrecallable names,unpronounceable names that don't work in any filing system,even the Dewey Decimal, and are near google proof.No-one is quite sure if its the title or the catalog number.I also like a good collage,so this scores heavily on the non music front,as well as sporting a rather nifty brand of Non-Music itself. All this, together means the music comes a poor fourth place in my priorities.
Of course this is yet another group that features Severed Head In The Bag's own Brad Laner. Who not only has a natural aptitude for the abstract, and the noncommercial,but seems to have no real need to be a somebody,or even a no-body,or anybody save himself.From such rich pastures does arise thee perfect conditions to make art such as this.Art that clears the room of dumb people....I hesitate to say Trump fans,so i won't, to avoid elongated and pointless tit-for-tat arguments about the post-fact reality in the comments section....but you know what i'm getting at don't you? 
Anyway, there's a top snooker player called Trump also,who does seem to attract a dumb people entourage attracted to his reckless style of attacking populist snooker.
The noble art of Snooker aside, this tape is just one of the many delightfully weird offshoots of the Los Angeles Free Music Society,of whom Brad was but one of the members.
Whether he plays Snooker I dunno, but I reckon he's got an interesting safety game.


A-1 Restaurant 1:58
A-2 EDB 2:30
A-3 Power Structure 3:53
A-4 See You 3:18
A-5 When I Was Young I Prayed With Butt Puppets 7:11
A-6 I Also Saw Frank Bleeding On Angry Mountain 2:31
A-7 Lhasa Club Feb 1984 (excerpt) 2:43
A-8 Majority 1:27
B-1 Doctors With Teeths 4:46
B-2 Something As It Really Is ! 2:34
B-3 Not You Nor I 3:45
B-4 For Damaged Compression 8:08
B-5 Expected Systems 3:46
B-6 Cough Syrups 2:54
B-7 Due To The Mouth Thing 3:18
B-8 Explaining Pork to David 4:29
B-9 Ineinlander Fallende Alte Häuser 1:52


Richie Muster said...

Cheers. It's got to be worth it for some of the track titles alone. 'Explaining Pork To David' invites explanation - i need to know what the fuck he's on about.

Jonny Zchivago said...

well richie, I for one,have always felt the need to have Pork explained to me.Is there such a thing as Pork Rock for example?

Anonymous said...

Noneedapseudo again. Glad to see that Wckr Spgt is questionning you.
Listen "Home Taping is killing music", "Indie Fatigue", "Nature is dying", and so many others ... No one ever told me about these guys and your light would be helpfull to find all the differents musical ways they took.
Excuse my frenchglish ... I progress reading your prose. Cheers.

dadlaner said...

Collect the whole set !

Vaykorus said...


Ivan T.W. said...

This reminds me a bit of the first Hafler Trio record.

jonder said...

Brad Laner may indeed "have no real need to be a somebody,or even a no-body,or anybody save himself," but he did have a bit of mainstream success as guitarist of the shoegaze band Medicine, who were quite good IMHO. I hope this bit of music trivia doesn't diminish anyone's respect for him.

There's tons more Brad Laner on his Bandcamp page, as current as Oct 2023 modular synth recordings, and dating back to his 80's cassettes.

Anonymous said...

This music would make trumplikans hollow heads implode.

snoopy said...

Yeah when I search for X or ABC or the Cramps, I don't get "The Hungry Wolf" or "The Look of Love" or "Tear It Up". I get some monstrous corporations and medical advice.

On the other hand, I'm always searching for a good Nazi brothel, but instead I get some weird post-punk "goth rock" ensemble.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Have you tried "Death Camp Dolly"? Or "Slags Of Auschwitz" , i've heard thats reliable......although thats also a very popular Sisters Of Mercy cover band from Hungary I'm told.