Thursday 24 December 2020

Jandek ‎– "Manhattan Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0835) 2020

 Looking like a shadowy characterisation of Evil from a David Lynch TV series,Jandek is recorded giving the downtown trendies of Manhattan a rendition of classic Jandek,as he returns to the trusty out of tune guitar as if its being played by limp appendages blowing in a stiff breeze. Of course,New York is a place where one can find endless queues of under-employed improv muso's who look like they were extras in 'Friends', willing to sell their granny to have "Played with Jandek" writ large on their meagre CV's. I imagine everyone in the gentrified quarters of Lower Manhattan has some pretentions at being a proficient improviser,in between bursts of banking ,insurance brokering and doing some lines with trendy buddies of,buddies of John Zorn, listening to Ornette Coleman records.....on vinyl, naturally. Jandek is pushing strongly to dislodge Coltrane and Coleman as the essential accessory for the pretentious Artphag in Soho and Tribeca these days. The man is living art I guess after all,accidently,or, by pure bloody minded persistence,like a redneck Gilbert and George,haunting the Bourgeois art spaces of where-ever will have can get quite bitchy between gallery mangers I have heard.
So here's another triple CD set of Jandek being Jandek, to further moisten the brown stained tongues of hipster art directors everywhere.


1-1 All The Boxes 23:40
1-2 The Gentleman 21:47
1-3 The Corners 25:05
2-1 Incarcerated 16:14
2-2 Chips Of Paint 12:56
2-3 Action Justified 11:32
3-1 No Bond 16:03
3-2 Controlled Addict 16:14
3-3 Hours Of Pain 22:20


Anonymous said...

And this one will do to accompany Boxing Day's rum and pork pie breakfast... Thanks!

/][/ said...

Remember Judas?
He told me I reminded him of Jandek.
I know he was talking shit.
But Jandek is rad.

Unknown said...

This recording is available for commercial sale. You should put the link to that instead of violating copyright. Your contempt for the man is barely disguised in above essay.

Jonny Zchivago said...

contempt for Jandek Nah! Just the cronies who play with him and his audience,and those who hang on his coat tails.If you read it again, it's all done with a subtle splash of humour. A commodity you evidently don't have.Come on lighten up a bit.
Records as product has finished.This is a new era,commercialism in music has concerts are the vocation for a musician.Something i notice that Jandek has long realised.