Thursday, 25 October 2018

Various ‎Artists – "No Big Business" (Kleo ‎– KR 002 L.P.) 1981

Lets retreat to the safe ground of Belgian Cold wave and Minimal synth.
Its all good as Belgium could do very little wrong in 1981.
Like Belgium itself, its all on a small scale, with a miserable grey atmosphere,and struggles for space.There's not much room for too many band members or instruments,betraying an urge to escape from the claustrophobia of an overcrowded state;but at the same time the music is juxtaposed between the need for space and the natural claustrophobic greyness of Belgium.
If ever a music belonged more than this to a single country, i've yet to discover it.......ooooh those Belgians.


Deze Kant
A1 –The Scabs - Is This Life?
A2 –Neue Sachlichkeit - Echoes
A3 –Cinema Rasch -  Caught Entangled
A4 –Siglo XX - Obsession
A5 –A.B.C. - Fisk
A6 –De Minz - Adultery

Andere Kant
B1 –The Motives - Plastic
B2 –Suspects - Misery
B3 –Fizik - History
B4 –Luc Van Acker + Didi De Paris - Onze Vader
B5 –Spermicide - Otage
B6 –Underdogs - Third World Image, Bobo

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