Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Birchville Cat Motel ‎– "Birchville Cat Motel": (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon ‎– #9) 1997

I don't post much on here from the nineties, but The Birchville Cat Motel is an exception.Especially for his prolific DIY-ness, and the fact that he fits in nicely to conclude our brief visit to the shores of New Zealand.
Campbell Kneale, aka BCM, started churning out his special brand of ambient drone noise based post-industrial soundscapes in '97, on the then futurist medium of CD-r...early versions of which are highly likely to have self-destructed by now. He has hundreds of releases strecthed over the last 20 years,but this was the first, to my knowledge anyway.Its a kind of mellow version of Merzbow, and therefore infinitly more listenable.


1 Cast Iron Teether 8:07
2 So Sad Doll 10:52
3 Rimrider 11:54
4 Allandale Triple Culvert 10:36
5 Twelve Roses High 14:44
6 Transparent Soul Fragment 6:54

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