Friday, 5 October 2018

Gate ‎– "Metric" (Precious Metal ‎– PM10) 1991

More lo-fi guitar fuck-uppery from Michael Morley of The Dead C.
Parts of this sounds like an amped up Jandek if he was 'cool'.
Fizzing fried amplifier transistors rasp and burp at the behest of the main guitar abuser  from the 'C'.
It in fact sounds like his main group but without the other two, but thats what this is...isn't it?
The object of the 'Solo' record is to do something different to your principle project, so this is only 'Solo' because the rest of the band aren't on it.

A1 Openingmyarms
A2 Hope
A3 Callconstellations
A4 Forcedsight
B1 Yourface
B2 Selfhate
B3 Freedomchild
B4 Evidence

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