Thursday, 4 October 2018

Gate ‎– "Fear Of Music" (Precious Metal ‎– PM03) 1989

Michael Morley of The Dead C, also know as 'Gate', decided to call his debut solo cassette appearence the same title as one of the greatest Albums ever made; "Fear Of Music" by Talking Heads. A tenth anniversary tribute this is not, its also not as great as its namesake, but still rather marvellous in its own way.
Whether Mr Morley can actually play his guitar in a proper fashion is open to conjecture, but if he can, he does a very good impression of 'somebody who has no concept of the instrument;...he was blowing into it' (Take The Money And Run,Woody Allen,1968).
At times this record makes Jandek sound like Robert Fripp....who also worked with Talking Heads coincidentally....Fripp, not Jandek,which would have been one of Eno's braver Ideas methinks?
Its not so much a noise/drone album, but a car accident of an album.A harsh lesson in 'unlearning',getting back to year Zero with as little bloodshed as possible.Careful with that axe eugene....or in this case,Michael.


A1 Love
A2 Hell
A3 Faith
A4 Gallons
A5 Smoke
A6 Animals
A7 Drugs
A8 Head
A9 Buildings
B1 Electric Guitar
B2 Air
B3 Hey
B4 No Lists (Faith)
B5 Wartime
B6 Shitvice


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This cassette has been re-mastered and re-issued on vinyl -

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