Wednesday, 8 August 2018

41 Degrees ‎– "Open Heart" (41 Degrees ‎– 41/001) 1982

Along with the Noyes Brothers,another studio band, from the "Do The Maru" compilation, was '41 Degrees'; featuring ex-member of  'Slight Seconds', K.S.Eden, who were preserved for posterity as side one of the "Waiting Room" shared album.
Strangely I write this at a time when the outside temperature (here in southern France) has hit 41 degrees,and has been hovering around a similar level for months!Even worse I will be working outdoors in this punishing heat as this text is being fun.
Back in 1982, Manchester would have been a lovely grey, rainy, place;instead of the parched dry desert it has been this summer......Its gonna get worse, not better!
Of course I refer to climate change, which should be a similar inspiration for creativity as the nuclear doom which hung over our heads in where is it? With the onset of the new popularism, even nuclear doom is back on the agenda. Com' on kids get it together ffs!
This hopelessly obscure album, features various Object Music backroomers to back up what is essentially a K.S.Eden solo album. (Steve Miro appears,as usual).
Its a self-released and forgotten Post-Punk/Post Prog classic,full of interesting experimental pop that sank before it ever had a chance to surface.


A1 Paradise Lost
A2 Silent Towns
A3 Tonight
A4 Adaptation
A5 Forgotten Spirits
B1 White Flowers
B2 A Humming Sound
B3 Who Knows Tomorrow
B4 The Spirit Moves
B5 Face To Face (Over And Out)
B6 November

DOWNLOAD 41 degrees of something HERE! 


Wolfgang said...

What you write is not only funny, there is often a lot of downright wisdom in your lines, and this time you wrote a winner. Thank you for entertaining us in such an informative way on top of delivering all that awesome music.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thank you Wolgang....I like to say I agree, but i'm a modest chap. the music's awesome anyway.

Veerji Hasyananda said...

Thank you for your kind words about this album
Plans are afoot to rerelease some if this music as well as some later truly solo tracks post Open Heart.
All still in early planning stage and won't be until 2020
(Kevin Eden)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Good news indeed Kevin.
Bizarrely you should hit a larger audience than back in the day.
Look forward to hearing the post Open Heart stuff.

Jonny Zchivago said...

ps, noticed you made music in your latter day incarnation with Singing Bowls...if you're interested check out my album, as Thee Aethyr, incorporating some singing bowl bits:

Veerji Hasyananda said...

Thank you Jihnny. The singing bowls are used in more meditatuve/ healing situations rather than creating 'music'.
One artist who, imho, truly made singing bowl music was Klaus Wiese.

Veerji Hasyananda said...