Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Ceramic Hobs ‎– "Psychiatric Underground" (Pumf Records And Tapes ‎– PUMF 322) 1998

So who was/is the 'best band from Blackpool'?........Tempted to say Section 25, but they went disco......therefore it's obviously 'The Ceramic Hobs' innit?
They are a kind of alternative Danny and the Dressmakers,but unlike the dressmakers, they didn't sell out and make 'proper' music. They have been going since the early 80's,still releasing genre liquidising nailed together nonsense to this very day.
This one's only 20 years old,so its vintage mid-period Hobs,rather than classic cassette-era Hobs from the eigthies....but its as if technology never happened,and each member seemed to have the very special talent of being incapable of improving as musicians.....all in the traditional sense of course.


1 Vigil
2 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
3 Atomic Clock
4 Amplified Sorrow
5 Meeting The Summertime
6 Hospital Detective
7 Thsi Sore And Broken Blackpool Legacy (Germ Mix)
8 These Dead Things
9 Pirate Night For Karen Morgan
10 Hey Lads Hey
11 Dick Whittington, Turn Back (Expose Your Eyes Mix)
12 Mr Vicar
13 Say Goodbye To The President
14 Robin Blood
15 Crash And Burn
16 Irreversible Liver Failure
17 Used Goods/Damaged Goods
18 Winterbottom Speaks
19 Love Letters Read Like Suicide Notes
20 Long Black Limousine
21 Tomorrow
22 Total Disarmament By June 1st 1983
23 Castrol GTX
24 Mr Vicar Fills His Head With Rock
25 Take Fewer Puffs
26 Parrot Night For Caprtain Morgan
27 Psychiatric Underground
28 Low Alcowipe


Kzka said...

Hold on a sec. Did I just read that Danny and the Dressmakers sold-out? This kind of disillusionment is not helping my drinking.

Jonny Zchivago said...

yEAH...hate to say these words ,but they ended up in Biting Tongues, Crispy Ambulance and 808 fucking state! Probably playing Rickenbacker Basses and stuff like that!!!! Better crack open another can!?

Kzka said...

Good grief. I'm cracking open another and toast the Hobs who still have voluntary band practice.