Saturday, 4 August 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Waiting Room" (Object Music ‎– OBJ 007) 1980

As with most things in the 'Post-Punk' world, the Manchester area seemed to effortlessly get it right. This irreputable fact included Local band Compilations too. We've already had the superb "A Manchester Collection" (also on Object Music), and "Unzipping The Abstract", both featuring bands under the Manchester Musicians Collective umbrella. Now we find another,which is more of a 'shared' album than strictly a compilation; featuring three more Manchester musicians Collective groups.Every track is perfect UK DIY post-punk art rock. The final lengthy track, by Picture Chords, features a recording of an apoplectic neighbour, entering the rehearsal area to demand that they stop,all in a broad manchester accent.Very amusing.


A1 –Slight Seconds - And ...
A2 –Slight Seconds -  Puppet On A String
A3 –Slight Seconds - Building Bridges
A4 –Slight Seconds - Where Were You?
A5 –Slight Seconds - Slight Seconds
A6 –Slight Seconds - Lost Love
A7 –Slight Seconds - Fallen (Again?)
A8 –Slight Seconds - Chameleon Lens
A9 –Slight Seconds - "Further Down The Line"
B1 –The Mediaters - Silent Battles
B2 –The Mediaters - Ego Drift
B3 –The Mediaters - Time's Your Own?
B4 –The Mediaters - The Waiting Room
B5 –The Mediaters - Mirror Image
B6 –Picture Chords - A Cause Des Voisins