Sunday, 5 August 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Do The Maru" (Object Music ‎– OBJ 014) 1981

A bit more self-indulgence never hurt anyone right?

Punk Rock's main message was that it was possible for anyone to do what they wanted to do,like the Hippies before them; except joe public actually listened the second time around.Mainly because the musicians in the Hippy era were far too intimidatingly good at what they did, so no one had the confidence to do anything themselves.
The Prog Rock era firmly nailed down the lid on any lingering ambition to be a pop star.
Frustrated Proggers were the unlikely beneficiaries of the fall-out from The Sex Pistols debacle, as now they could play the music they loved without having to be a member of 'Yes'.
Doubtless Steve Solamar, founder of Object Music,witnessed The infamous Pistols gig at the Lesser FreeTrade Hall and was inspired to start his record label,and form The Spherical Objects.
This gave him and his chums the chance to be self-indulgent and make a few post-prog workouts,some of which surfaced on Object Music.Back in 78/79 punk punters were so desperate to buy any 'punk' product that virtually everything and anything would sell out.
This shared compilation found Solamar and long time friend and collaborator, Steve Miro,appearing as The Noyes Brothers,to make a side-long synth and beatbox krautrock/punk hybrid, 'Good Question'.
Some bloke called Roger Blackburn, gets to be Mike Oldfield for five minutes at the end of side one, and one of the chaps from 'Slight Seconds' gets to be Manuel Gottsching for ten minutes on track two; preceeded by Solamar himself doing a fine impression of Rick wakeman if he had only one finger.


A1 –Steve Solamar - Forewarned
A2 –41 Degrees -  Just...My Crazy Mind
A3 –Roger Blackburn - In Memory
B –Noyes Bros - Good Question

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