Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Nightingales - "The Complete Peel Sessions 1980-86" (a Die or DIY? compilation)

Two hours of birdsong anyone? Compiled from eight John Peel Sessions, here's every track the 'Gales recorded for the venerable BBC DJ from 1980 to 1986!
The Nightingales were where the 80's started, morphing out of non-aligned 'punk' band 'The Prefects', they set the template for all the non-butch indie groups that followed. Vocalist Robert Lloyd, had NHS glasses years before Morissey even had his singing lessons......one doubts very much that Robert Lloyd ever had a lesson in anything musical, ever;an undoubted advantage for originality in music?
They could also beat any hardcore punk band for speed, with one of the fastest guitarists this side of the Wedding Present,and/or even Napalm Death.
Definitely from The Fall's neck of the woods ethically,but The Fall sound like Heavy Metal compared to The Nightingales. They were like a band who had been locked in a cupboard since birth and then played their interpretation of rock'n'roll as described by their rescuers who hated Rock music......although that is so far from the truth, as these chaps were probably the most clued up and sophisticated exponents of anti-pop in the early eighties.

The Sartorially Elegant Robert Lloyd in about 1982

Track Listing:

01 Start from Scratch[01_10_1980]
02 Butter Bricks[01_10_1980]
03 Torn [01_10_1980]
04 12 Years[01_10_1980]
05 Return Journey[07_06_1981]
06 One Mistake[07_06_1981]
07 Bush Beat[07_06_1981]
08 Inside Out[07_06_1981]
09 Give 'em Time[03-03-1982]
10 Which Hi-Fi_[03-03-1982]
11 My Brilliant Career[03-03-1982]
12 Son Of Gods Mate[03-03-1982]
13 Blood For Dirt[30-06-1982]
14 Joking Apart[30-06-1982]
15 O.K. Chorale _ The Crunch[30-06-1982]
16 It Lives Again[30-06-1982]
17 Urban Ospreys [29_03_1983]
18 Yeah It's OK [29_03_1983]
19 The Bending End [29_03_1983]
20 The Why's Of Acknowledgement [29_03_1983]
21 Only My Opinion [29_03_1983]
22 Look Satisfied[12_05_1983]
23 All Talk[12_05_1983]
24 This[12_05_1983]
25 Not Man Enough[12_05_1983]
26 How to Age[03_03_1985]
27 Heroin[03_03_1985]
28 First My Job[03_03_1985]
29 Part-Time Moral England[03_03_1985]
30 Down In The Dumps[18_03_1986]
31 Coincidence[18_03_1986]
32 Rockin' With Rita[18_03_1986]
33 At The End Of The Day[18_03_1986]

DOWNLOAD the nightingales who sang in barclays bank HERE!


Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Unheralded legends. Why do The Smiths, The Fall, The Go-Betweens, Orange Juice and even Joseph K and The Fire Engines get all the post-punk-proto-indie attention while these guys wane in relative obscurity? Funny world, innit?

Tim 'Space Debris' said...

...and like The Smiths a lot of their best recordings were Peel sessions.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ugh the bloody Smiths....I've grown to not mind them over the years.Can't believe I bought their first single,having not heard them previously.Too contrived and tuneful for me ,god that irritating singer!
Never heard the Go-Betweens being heralded?....they were quite good before they became a fav with middle class students around 1986.

Tim 'Space Debris' said...

Maybe The Go-Betweens thing is just here in Australia. Their first 4 LPs were great. Yeah...what happened after that? I think maybe they were trying to have hits.

Haha The Smiths. You either love em or hate em.

Anyway good job on putting all those Nightingales Peel sessions together. Cheers.

Mark L. said...

Definitely thanks for these :) I guess its not scarce, but if you don't have a copy of the "What A Scream 1980-86" collection of demos/outtakes it's worth tracking down.