Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Rudimentary Peni ‎– "Archaic EP" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– BOOBOO8) 2004

More of RP's power trio 21st century death rock. Very fine and powerful it is too.
I think I have selected "Mercy Of Slumber" as the tune that is played as the handful of mourners at my cremation shuffle out of the crematorium to go to the pub.
Don't think me a cynic,but,the four lines to opener "One and All" are one of the most profound summations of the human condition in pop music.(see above as scrawled on the sleeve).
This is Metal as it should be played,and how it should sound, basically. Although to use the 'Metal' pigeon hole is a great disservice to a legendary combo. It isn't Metal, because you have to be a complete Twat to play in an HM group. And to my knowledge Blinko is too mentally ill to be a complete Twat.


A1 One And All
A2 Suffer
A3 In Crematorium Flame
A4 Lost
A5 The Rain
A6 Mercy Of Slumber
B1 The Curse
B2 The Enlightened Dreamer
B3 X N.H.S.
B4 Farewell Tomorrow
B5 House Of The Void
B6 Rehearsal For Mortality


Judas Vigilante said...

I'm so impressed with RP that yesterday I ordered 2 RP t-shirts from a co. on Etsy. I shall wear them with pride until they fall apart. And you Jonny, my dear friend, are as inpiring to me with these gems as Peel was on R1 back in the day. Thank you so much for your constant hunting, ripping, uploading, sharing, writing etc. Can't be easy sometimes. Many many thanks mate.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hey i considered a RP t-shirt on etsy too, with the lyrics to 1/4 dead on it,and the death church cover....might splash out on it.
I'm humbled with the Peel comparison(I have used this as a riposte to any artist who complains of their inclusion in these hallowed pages)....i feel that the blogs have indeed replaced the music press and The peel show as the music informers of today....although we tend to do a radio two job of it, sticking to music history rather than new stuff. But like painting/sculpture etc, you have to learn the history of an art, so you can be aware on how to advance in the chosen field.
My pleasure.

Ian said...

Jonny, thanks for all the RP posts. I never heard much of it back in the day and I'd forgotten how good it is. Metal is an okay callout in my opinion, as today the term encompasses a much wider (and more artistically interesting) palette of sounds than it did in 1978 or heaven forbid 1986. When SunnO))) can do a collab with Scott Walker as they did with the album Soused (2014) that qualifies as Metal, then we are on better ground with that genre tag.

@Judas Vigilante (and our host):
Thanks for the tips on the RP shirts at Etsy. That would indeed win the t-shirt of the night prize at the next metal show I attend.

Judas Vigilante said...

@Ian Yeah the shirts look ace. £22.00 for 2 in xl inc postage from Grimsby. I bought 2 band t shirts from amazon for my daughter for xmas, one Soundgarden and one Linkin Park, they cost me the guts of £40. So these are a bargain.
To JZ: glad the Peel comparison sits well. It is we who should be humbled. I missed a lot, in fact virtually all this stuff, as I was born in '75.
There's a Youtube of an RP ep "No More Pain and it's labelled as 2008, is that right? I didn't realise there was a release as recent as that.

All the best guys. I'll let you know the quality of the shirts when they arrive next week.

Judas Vigilante said...

T shirts arrived a couple of days ago. Spot on, printing on them is nice. Well, well worth a tenner each. Now I need some Nick Blinko artwork for my wall!!!!