Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Noseflutes ‎– "Zib Zob And His Kib Kob" (Rictus Recordings ‎– REAP 001) 1989

Unlike many of their peers,The Noseflutes managed skillfully to totally ignore the 'Dance' revolution of 1988, and carry on doing exactly what they had been doing for close on a decade. Even The Fall had a fucking DJ in the group around this time, and actually had their drummer play the 'Funky Drummer' beat. Martin Bramah amazingly returned to the line up(briefly) and swapped his earlier discordant guitar style for choppy Issac Hayes Wah-Wah guitar!? I vividly remember going to see The Telescopes around 1990, just after their skull crushingly noisy "Taste" album, to discover that they had 'turned on, tuned in and dropped out', complete with the aforementioned wah-wah guitar, Maracas , and dancy rhythms. I went to receive the expected ear damage, but left (early) with a headache.What a pile of shit!....the only other choices we had were that beyond terrible American 'Rock' revival Grunge crap, or Dance like a drugged up spastic to the shittest album ever made,none-other than Primal Screams "Screama-fucking-delica".
None of this nonsense for The Noseflutes however. Still obviously sticking to Beer as the drug of choice, and making disjointed, intelligently surreal avant-pop, with a palatable sense of humour and irony. A Tambourine cannot be shaken without a strong sense of the Ironic.
Finally,Two reasons that this album is a submerged classic;1-,Its called "Zib Zob And His Kib Kob"*; 2- It has "Spitball on my Kisser" on it; and 3-...(Yes there are three reasons!) stands as a testament against the Hive mind.

*as previously mentioned this was listed in the Sunday People's "101 most Awful Album Titles On Record" list sometime in 1996, which figures, as that was the era of the reprehensible Brit Pop aka Brit Shit, era......also 'Zob' is a french slang word for a Penis, which describes the compiler of that very list superbly.


A1 Needle To The Sackcloth
A2 Yellow
A3 Charms
A4 Spitball On My Kisser
A5 On The Same Level As Too Much
A6 Fruitfly
B1 Puffing Collapse
B2 Pump Ass
B3 Eminent (You Call Me That)
B4 No Plans
B5 Thug Thug Thug
B6 Treated Older
B7 Paradise Smells Wonderful To Me
B8 Families Disappear

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