Thursday, 23 February 2017

The Noseflutes ‎– "Girth EP" (Reflex Records ‎– 12 RE 11) 1985

These chaps have got a sense of humour haven't they? Either that or they are drunk or both?
One word punchlines are hard to come by, but 'Girth', is one of the best. It can raise a grin at the most inappropriate of times.
Always partial to a surreal but piss taking track title, The Noseflutes , display many Beefheartian traits in their compositions; but with classic British  sardonicism from some downright weird music hall,slash, Pub tradition.
Never really been a fan of groups with more than five members in them. The Noseflutes had anywhere between five and nine over the years, but they don't sound like they do; so fuck knows what all these extraneous members did during these complex surreal pop tunes.
At least there was no Bez, Paul Rutherford,Chas Smash, style extraneous band member; they all seemed to contribute,however minimally to the process. Kind of in a Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) kind of minimal contribution way.
Too many band members does however aid the post rehearsal fun factor down the pub; which i reckon was the main reason for having all their mates in the band.
Anymore extraneous band members come to mind?.....Sid Vicious?....That dancer with Howard Jones?.....answers on a postcard please.

This is a great EP by the way!


A1 Girth
A2 Sawdust And Glass: Kicking Ass
B1 Give Me The Keys
B2 Shallow For Deep


Aging Punk said...

More nose flutes please

Aging Punk said...

More nose flutes. I love your funny jazz punk beefheart loving noise fests

Jonny Zchivago said...

Did someone say MORE Noseflutes....well in that case thats just what you're gonna get....lots more.

northfieldhat said...

I think der plan originally had a guy in it who played soundless guitar

Jonny Zchivago said...

I once saw a gig where the female bass player was playing blissfully unaware that her instrument wasn't plugged in, until the guitarist casually walked over two songs in and plugged her in mid tune. So i have witnessed soundless bass guitar at least! (Outrageous Cherry was the groop i believe)
There should be a lot more groups with soundless instruments if you ask me,especially soundless singers.

Casa das Fontinhas said...

Great! Thank you!I had listen to "Heartache Is Irresistible": liked!!! Now I will discover the rest of Noseflutes!