Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Jackdaw With Crowbar ‎– "Bumper Crop Selection" (Big Turkey ‎– 2) 1986

There have been few groups who have managed to produce my 'What the Fuck was THAT!?' face over the years. Off the top of my head I can think of Napalm Death, The Residents, The Shaggs, Blah Blah Blah's 'In The Army' single....along with a select few others. Among these would have to be Jackdaw With Crowbar.Upon first hearing the track 'Crow' on the John Peel show. They seemed obsessed with different types of Fowl, and making chicken noises through megaphones.These iare the kind of moments we all wait for aren't they?
'Crow' isn't on this self-released cassette unfortunately, but it does contain several early versions of tracks that would appear later on their Ron Johnson releases.
So if you like unhinged Anti-American Turkey, Chicken, and Crow noises, backed up by the Magic Band in Dub, then this is for you.
Personally, i always fast forward the Dub tracks, like I do when I play The Bad Brains; a bit too generic for my tastes.....and fucking boring(unless you're stoned)! The opposite of the genius of 'Crow'; which i will be posting chronologically after this post.
Also I think the noble Crow is my favourite animal,so anything with Crow's on it has to be off to a good start.


A1 Lies
A2 Ignorant B'$tard$
A3 Albania Alabama
A4 Scrape Dub
A5 Bumper
A6 Curse
B1 New Right Wing
B2 Ice Dub
B3 Great Divide
B4 Slarti
B5 Roll Over Rover
B6 $on Of Bran
B7 Sailor Soul Survivor
B8 Banjoid Festj

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