Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Count Bishops ‎– "Good Gear" (Dynamite ‎– DYR 33001) 1977

More honest unpretentious new wave of rock'n'roll from Pub Rock legends The Count Bishops. This one was only released in continental europe, probably because they didn't wear designer punk clothing from capitalist puppet and future  'Dame', Vivienne Westwoods silly shops. Gimmie dirty old flares, afghan coats and long hair in 1977 over bondage strides with bumflap any day. True anti-fashion.


A1 Don't Start Cryin' Now 2:04
A2 Shake 2:08
A3 Walkin' The Dog 3:38
A4 Somebody 2:50
A5 I Want Candy 3:23
A6 Wang-Dang-Doodle 5:37
B1 Dear Dad 1:40
B2 Confessin' The Blues 3:25
B3 Little By Little 2:40
B4 Carol 2:35
B5 Bye Bye Johnny B. Good 2:00
B6 Dust My Blues 2:50
B7 Shake Your Moneymaker 2:38


Ian said...

Enjoying the Count Bishops, I'd never known about them till now. Thanks. The cover shot of the band around the car is reminiscent of the one on the back cover of Sharks' First Water LP. In fact the CB's are almost dressed identically. I recall seeing a crowdfunding effort recently by someone who aims to rebuild the "Sharkmobile" which reportedly Chris Spedding crashed at some point. Hard to fathom there'd be enough people who were even aware of that car let alone share an interest--and money--to restore it. But hey, high marks for the effort.

Jonny Zchivago said...

The Sharks?....had to look that one up.
Yes, cool looking dudes,the photo on the back cover is almost identical....but set at what looks like Beachy Head on the uk south coast. Also a location for another similar LP cover shot for Throbbing Gristle's "Twenty Jazz Funk Greats", with Range Rover and dodgy clothes included.

Rev.LouCifer said...

Teachin' and old dog some new tricks here, and I'm lovin' it. And, I want the sharkmobile....