Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pink Fairies ‎– "Never Neverland" (Polydor ‎– 2383 045) 1971

Bands that played Rock'n'Roll were a rarity in the early seventies, and here's one of them, The Pink Fairies.
They contributed the proto-punk anthem "Do It" to world culture, a virtual punk manifesto expressed as a three minute symphony.
The rest of their canon never really matches the heights of "Do it",except maybe "City Kids" from the "Kings Of Oblivion" album gets closer than the rest; but they contributed a nascent punk attitude, and the roots of some of the more rock orientated Pub Rock.


Original Album:

1 Do It 4:15
2 Heavenly Man 3:41
3 Say You Love Me 3:48
4 War Girl 4:34
5 Never Never Land 6:55
6 Track One, Side Two 4:41
7 Thor 0:58
8 Teenage Rebel 5:20
9 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout 10:51
10 The Dream Is Just Beginning 1:18

Bonus Tracks:

11 The Snake 3:58
12 Do It (Single Edit) 3:04
13 War Girl (Alternate Extended Mix - Previously Unreleased) 4:34
14 Uncle Harry's Last Freakout (First Version - Previously Unreleased) 12:24

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badgerstump said...

Rollins Band covered the Fairies ... how the fuck didn't I know that?

This is a great post btw!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, you ain't the only one Mate!?

badgerstump said...

Yep ... title track on the "Do It" LP:

I've had that LP on the shelf for 28 years (gulp) and never made the connection ... great LP btw.

badgerstump said...

Just in case you wanna ...

Here's the CD version with extra live stuff. The second track is a Velvet Underground cover and the third was originally by Richard Berry And The Dreamers:

Great early stuff before he went metal-ish in the 90's

Ian said...

I never spotted the Rollins Band connection either, so thanks. And thanks for everything you do at the mighty Bleak Bliss blog.