Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Various Artists - "The Wonderful World Of Glass(volume One)" (Glass Records ‎– GLASS 010) 1981

The primary reason for including a Glass records compilation on this site,is the inclusion of another lost Lemon Kittens track. The less strange,but beaty, “What the Cat Brought In”; not for completists only.
What else is on this then, you ask.......or ,more likely, probably not?
Bron Area, which I have half a cassette of, stored on my hard drive, that you can download if you click here; were from Coventry I think? Fuck knows what I did with the other half?
Shit, I didn't see the Legendary Pink Dots! I usually slag these geezers off, but I'm fucked off writing about a band I don't particularly like. I hear nothing here to change my entrenched position.
Great tracks by Kevin Harrison, Schleimer K, Joy Div copyist lightweights English Subtitles, and probably many more?
I suppose we may get some sulking Nirvana bores salivating over the Marine Girls track, as Cobain expressed a liking for the twee indie act before blowing his brains out. Sad.....no not the suicide.....the Nirvana nerds!

A1 Schleimer K - She's Gone
A2 Bron Area - You Would Be Amazed
A3 Ciaran Harte - Johnny Doesn't Need Much
A4 Legendary Pink Dots - The Defeated
A5 Marine Girls - Flying Over Russia
A6 Peter Becker - During Half Sleep
A7 Kevin Harrison - Blinded By Hypnotism
A8 Lemon Kittens - What The Cat Brought In
B1 Where's Lisse? - Red Light
B2 Tonix - The Sex Junk
B3 English Subtitles - Water
B4 Martyn Bates - Nascent Fragrance Of Skin
B5 3 Way Dance - Praise The Flames
B6 No More - Hypnotised
B7 Clinical Noise - Venus Comes
B8 Religious Overdose - Blow The Back Off It
B9 Richard Formby - Your Name You're Strange

DOWNLOAD into your own wonderful world HERE!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this.

Been looking for mp3's of the second volume "Shadow & Substance". If anyone has a link, please share!

Holly said...

I, too, have been desperately searching for vol 2. Anyone, anyone? Helloooo? ;-)

Meanwhile, Jonny, thank you so much for all you share! Don't say it often enough.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Holly....but didn't I notice you bigging me up on Thomas Storck's WFMU radio show a few weeks ago?....something along the lines of ...i'm a wonderful human being'?
I am not worthy, but thanks.

Holly said...

Yep that was me .. and yes, you are :-)