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I'm So Hollow ‎– "Emotion / Sound / Motion" (Illuminated Records ‎– JAMS 5) 1981, "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum" single and the Peel session 1980

Not many nearly famous pop groups follow the DIY principle of stopping once you've achieved your goals; even if the spectre of moderate sucess is luring your soul onto the rocks. The very Great I'm So Hollow, from Sheffield, did this as soon as they recorded their debut LP; stopping even before it was released. This, I say, is very admirable indeed. They first appeared on the superb DIY compilation LP's "Hicks from the Sticks", and Sheffield comp "Bouquet of Steel" in 1980, winning them a chance to record a Peel Session (included in the download); and as alternative chart popularity beckoned appeared at the legendary Futurama Festival with the likes of PiL and Joy Division, made an album and split up....for good. What they have left is a legacy of superbly wobbly urban sci-fi rock, that stands up with the best from an era full of wobbly sci-fi rock. I loved it then and its even better now; especially with the knowledge that they didn't do it to become famous.Especially great was the debut single, "Dreams to fill the Vacuum", pressed on lovely fuzzy sounding clear vinyl,and the lovely Jane Wilson was on synthesizer too! Post punk puritans. 

Track Listing:  

1- "Emotion/Sound/Motion" 
 A1 Entrance 
 A2 Which Way..? 
 A3 Unbroken Line 
 A4 Touch 
 A5 Collisions 
 B1 Excitement = Change 
 B2 The Triangular Hour 
 B3 Emotion / Sound / Motion 
 B4 Nosferatu 
 B5 Distraction

DOWNLOAD the opposite of a bowel motion HERE! 

2- Peel session, 1980 a- Fashion b- Monotony c-Which Way? d- Dreams to fill the Vacuum 

DOWNLOAD a very a-peeling session HERE! 

3- "Dreams To Fill The Vacuum" (Hollogram Records 7" ,1980) 

a- "Dreams to fill the Vacuum) 
b- "Distraction  

DOWNLOAD some dreams to fill 7 inches of the vacuum HERE!

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kosmikino said...

Freaky synchronicity or when it's hollow time, it's hollow time...

After visiting Discogs to see if the Normil Hawaiians had finally reissued their albums after threatening to for the last couple of years, I thought I check out all the albums on Illuminated I sold years ago in the great vinyl clear-out of the mid-nineties and one album that always stayed with me was the I'm So Hollow album.

I was a young teenager from near Sheffield in the early eighties so I pretty much saw all the bands from 1982 onwards so I missed out on seeing them live.

Illuminated released so many incredible records that the guy behind it could live off the reissues in this erm reissue culture (actually, I could retire if I had kept think those hundreds of tapes I used to order from the NME classifieds like Deep Freeze Mice, Nurse With Wound, Legendary Pink Dots et al and I just can't believe how much they are worth these days - tapes I paid 50p for are worth a small fortune...old man grumbling alert...

Anyway, thank the gods for those like yourself who hung onto those records and are kind enough to share them again.

Just heard the first track... talk about instant time travel!