Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Work - "Slow Crimes" (Woof Records ‎– WOOF 003) 1982

Well, one may as well feature some choice works from Recommended Records related acts....what better place to start than Avant Rock's finest,The Work, and their 1982 classic "Slow Crimes". Featuring Ex Henry Cow-sters, The Work stayed overtime to de-construct the Rock Tune into its constituent parts and made a different sense out of the pieces.All the useless left over bits are thrown into the nearest most deserving skip. They sort of remind me of an English Jesus Lizard,with the rocking out bit removed.


Nearly Empty 2:55
Balance 2:10
Pop 4:42
Flies 2:22
Like This 2:53
Knives 3:27
Cain & Abel 4:11
State Room 3:24
Brickyard 4:37
Do It 2:18
Le Travail 3:34
Maggot Song 2:57

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rev.b said...

One of the best albums of its time in my never so humble opinion. My crime has been not listening to it for several years. Thx for the chance of redemption!