Friday, 15 August 2014

Various Artists - "Vaultage 79 - Another Two Sides Of Brighton" (Attrix Records ‎– RB/08/LP)

The follow up to Vaultage 78 was … yeah, Vaultage 79! Released in 1979! And even less surprisingly, it ain't as good as its predecessor.
Its has plenty of ordinary well drilled power pop,with a distinct 'Mod Revival' flavour. There's a couple of obligatory faux reggae, cosmopolitan university drop out band, numbers; that cropped up everywhere in 1979. Two new wavey numbers by a band named after a 'feminine area' absorbent product.
The best group on here were The Chefs, with a couple of proto-indie tunes, that suggest Student band;a bit too clever by 'arf, but went on after this to release a couple of decent E.P's.
Vaultage 80 was even worse,so I won't post that one.

Track listing:

  • A1 The Vandells - Bank Holiday
  • A2 The Vandells - Another Girl
  • A3 The Chefs - You Get Everywhere
  • A4 The Chefs - Food
  • A5 Golinski Brothers - Bloody
  • A6 Golinski Brothers - Too Scared
  • B1 The Lillettes - Hey Operator
  • B2 The Lillettes - Nervous Wreck
  • B3 Ijax All Stars - Sounchek
  • B4 Ijak All Stars - Reggaed Rumble
  • B5 Woody & the Splinters - I Want You to Be My Girl
  • B6 Woody & the Splinters - I Must Be Mad


Stu said...

Another couple of ace downloads. Thanks again.

Stu said...

Oh. I should mention that damaged goods released a compilation of all of the Chefs back catalogue.