Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Work - "I Hate America" (Woof Records ‎– WOOF 002) 1981

“I Hate America”;the shameless courting of a pinko audience by any chance? Presumably,America meaning the United States of....,and not the whole continent, 'cus Canadians are particularly nice, and Mexicans make great bandits in westerns. Most Americans are jolly decent chaps as well,if you ignore the American Taliban of the trigger happy, homophobic,racist,and,quite frankly,stupid god nazi's of the middle bit. The Clash were 'Bored of the USA', which is a description of a nation that is simply incorrect! It's a place that evokes extremes of emotion. You either Love it, or, as in The Work's,and the majority of the developing world's case,Hate it.

With the unapologetic indiscriminate drone bombing of school kids in Pakistan,the inexplicable continuing support of the Zionist army of occupation in Palestine,and the shameless spying by the NSA on their 'allies' puppet leaders; there is a good case for the 'Hate' emotion. But, like the German people under the Nazi regime,Americans are victims too. Helplessly drugged by consumer fascism into a stupor of acquiescence, absorbing the Fear propaganda peddled by the unelected elements of that one party state, we must strive to help our American friends; if only to save them from themselves?

Fear not, for the unsustainable military spending to fight a non-existent enemy will cause this regime to collapse into the empty vaults of Fort Knox. The very same fate that happened to the Soviet Union.
I suppose its better to be hated than ignored isn't it? In fact you'd be hard pushed to think of a country that isn't hated by a certain section of the world's population.Even harder to think of a country that everyone loves......maybe Ireland,but I can't see it myself.Everyone seems to love Ireland and the Irish,even though they talk incessantly without breathing to anyone,anywhere,and are invariably drunk.
Being British, I am quite used to being from one of the most unpopular places on the Planet(especially where I live in France, where they still haven't forgotten the Hundred Years War!); so I have some sympathy with my american cousins.Personally, I Love America,and Americans; but their puppet government and its hidden masters stink.

Oh yeah,the music!

This single is classic disjointed and fractured, damaged avant rock of the highest order.


A I Hate America 5:50
B1 Fingers & Toes 2:50
B2 Duty 1:00


Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you from a yank on the shoreline of this pot.

Hans Dietrich said...

I wonder, do I come here for the music and get Jonny's editorials as a bonus..or is it the other way around?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, I do design the posts as primarily for the Music,but with, some, hopefully, entertaining bullshit to accompany it all.But, ultimately,don't let it keep you awake at night;oh alright, the correct answer is for the editorials!

Anonymous said...

From an American who is in the middle, yet NOT . . . the unapologetic indiscriminate drone bombing of school kids in Pakistan,the inexplicable continuing support of the Zionist army of occupation in Palestine,and the shameless spying by the NSA on their 'allies' puppet leaders . . . I would like to invite all you America haters to completely and thoroughly FUCK yourselves.

I, and most of my fellow citizens, support Israel. And, as far as those poor, poor children are concerned in Paki or anywhere else, I'll see their corpses piled up like cord wood to keep my family safe.

Just remember, we have the nukes, we have the drones, so don't piss us the FUCK OFF!

Now suck it, suck it hard, and choke on it, bitches.

rev.b said...

Uh oh, anon's been drinking troll juice again....

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha Ha ha you typical american idiot cliche!
Er, we,ie the rest of the world have the nukes ,have the drones,too....and have the don't piss us off.Don't see you rednecks taking on Russia at the moment do we?
Killing children to "keep your family safe"! Safe from what? Yourselves?
Don't see many pakistani's killing thousands of americans in america do we?
Just stay in your own dying land....please!!!!!
Now suck on that you embarrassingly stoooopid fucking redneck cunt!

rev.b said...

As a U.S citizen, I say to Johnny: “Well put sir!” In any event, let us ignore the anon trolls and save our genitalia for use in the more pleasant rewarding pursuits for which they were intended.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Thanks Rev B. If this troll idiot had bothered to read my editorial,he would have found that there was no anti-american sentiment,just anti american govt sentiment. I myself like proper americans(like you),and its a scandal that these KKK twats are generally the image that is fed to the world. Not unlike the image of Islam is tarnished by the 0000.1%. OOOOOh it makes me mad.(seeth)

Anonymous said...

despicable times. even if you hate America, you have to apologize

Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry, i'm not understanding the last comment. Do i have to apologize? (american spelling!), or are you talking in the first person for the 'you' part?
In which case you don't have to apologise (english spelling)

I'd like to hear your comment said in a Daffy Duck voice.
(wasn't he a US president in the fifties?)

FuseRed said...

hahaha - that anonymouse comment is great and proves why certain americans are easy to hate (& possibly cannot read)

Jonny Zchivago said...

Emphasis on the 'Certain' americans there.....but there are an awful lot of the fuckers!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing single here. Thanks for hipping me to this band. I've been a Henry Cow fan for ages but somehow missed this spinoff. Slow Crimes is also excellent. They sound like what I wish The Ex sounded like. Any idea if anyone in the blogosphere is hosting The Work Live in Japan? Would really like to hear that, but so far bupkiss. Anyway as always thanks for everything, and keep up the good work.😀

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi...I have 'Live in Japan'......i'll upload it over the weekend,and post a link here.

Jonny Zchivago said...

here it is in 320k :