Friday, 26 October 2018

Various Artists ‎– "No Big Business 2" (Anything But Records ‎– ABR 001) 1983

The follow up to, you guessed it, No Big Business 1.
This one is more cold wave sounding with less of the minimal synth stuff that Belgium was famous for. Hints of Electronic Body Music, and very Post-Punky, with some dodgy slap bass appearing occasionally like an escaped member of Kajagoogoo.


A1 –Men 2nd - The Healer
A2 –A Blaze Colour - The Ultimate Fight
A3 –Maid In Belgium - Feel The Beat
A4 –The Neon Judgement - T.V. Treated
A5 –Nightcap - My Guest
B1 –Portrait Bizarre - Friends Could Be Friends
B2 –Kebab - Weekend
B3 –Sovjet War - The Nuthouse
B4 –M-Bryo & D.M.T - The Empty Street
B5 –Primitifs - Open Doors


snoopy said...

Hey there I'm catching up and this one says "Mediafire: Permission denied", so I'm wondering if you can repost, unless of course you got a takedown demand. Thanks

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi just keep trying, you will eventually get through to the download page after a few attempts....mediafire does this as a way to placate the moaning record companies/streaming sites etc.