Monday, 15 October 2018

The Clean ‎– "Odditties" (Cleano Productions) 1983

From the more conventional post-punk/proto-Indie end of the New Zealand ghetto are The Clean.
They make proper pop songs, melodic ,strummy, hooky with rhyming lyrics and a hint of jangle.
This is an early self-released cassette that hints of greater things.


A1 Odditty
A2 Success Story
A3 Thumbs Off
A4 Yellowman
A5 Getting Older
A6 End Of My Dream
A7 Platypus
A8 This Guy
A9 David Bowie
A10 Mudchucker Blues
B1 At The Bottom
B2 Hold Onto The Rail
B3 Fats Domino
B4 Sad Eyed Lady
B5 Tell Me Why
B6 In The Back
B7 Band That Never Was
B8 Wheels Of Industry
B9 Point That Thing Dub
B10 Safety At Home

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