Saturday, 6 October 2018

This Kind Of Punishment ‎– "A Beard Of Bees" (Self Released LP ‎– TKP 002) 1984

If only one had a trained beard of bees that could attack hipsters? The sad thing is that I think Hipsters would actually like, and not pretend to like, this rather excellent experimental pop record by Xpressway Records' in house muso's 'This Kind Of Punishment'.
I actually enjoyed listening to this again for the sake of these words.Intelligent,and interestingly well constructed songs with a hint of melancholy that rarely rely on making funny noises to stand out.
Could easily have been Midlake if they were around in the 'noughties'and american.......but who wants to be around in the noughties and/or american?.....that certainly is some kind of horrible punishment.or are you insane?


A1 Prelude 2:07
A2 From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt 3:18
A3 The Horrible Tango 4:34
A4 Trepidation 3:50
A5 East Meets West 3:55
B1 Turning To Stone 4:27
B2 Although They Appear 3:49
B3 The Sleepwalker 3:32
B4 An Open Denial 7:03


heavy_dubby said...

i think that their first two albums are obscure masterpieces (imho...). at least they have been reprinted after 25 almost 25 years...

Slacker said...

Yes, nice to see this and the first one back in print. I wonder if someone will re-issue the Live '85 cassette? I wore my copy out years ago, long before the days where you could copy them onto a computer and make yer own CDs, sadly.

/][/ said...

Hey I resent that because it hits my wistful nostalgia where it hurts man. The first half of the 90's was pretty great then the rest came... no comment. Anyways thanks for this though I am so cool I have it already. It's kiwi so well yeah. I love their intelligent take on the psych rehash honestly. Not calling anything paisley ever. I will refuse till I am literally underground! Then they can put it on my headstone for all I care. Not a request. TKOP have that control over writing a good song while appearing to still be minimal to me. That is a hard thing to do really. They are masters using that very mellow strumming style. One must have a limp though expert wrist recoil to do such a badass soft sound and make it tough still. Like some leather clad pride parade strollers shooing away sassy bee's and stuff. Possibly the origin of the album title I am not sure. Maybe it's a pro-mustache battle cry. We need more of those Jonny! Hooray hooray then if so! Anyways viva la 'Avant pop' or whatever you said you think this is (wtf!? ☻). Whatever it is I just know I love it tenderly. Oi. Not oi but oi I mean. We love it all very much. Nice tastebuds buddy. ☻ Also unrelated really but I just want to say Black power! Okay I will see you soon dude. Later fam. -Andy Tithesis aka ☻

Vaykorus said...