Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Various Artists - "Slightly Scratched (100 Kiwi Punk and New Wave Gems 1978-83)" (Web Release 2018)

I was searching the internet to try and find my first Kiwi new wave album, "The Citizen Band" (1978), but couldn't find bugger all!?...but there were two tracks from it included on this monster compilation.
There's lots of crap on here, but also some long lost gems from the punk rock era.


01-Screaming Meemees - Till I Die
02-Rank & File - Welcome to the World
03-The Crocodiles - Hello Girl
04-The Ainsworths - Danger Man
05-Techtones - That Girl
06-Th' Dudes  Walking In Light
07-Blam Blam Blam-Don't Fight It Marsha,It's Bigger Than Both Of Us
08-Citizen Band - Feel Good
09-The Swingers - One Good Reason
10-Broken  Dolls - Serenade
11-Car Crash Set - Fall From Grace
12-The Body Electric - Pulsing
13-Toy Love - Pull Down the Shades
14-Suburban Reptiles - Coup D'etat
15-No Tag - Mistaken Identity
16-Newmatics - Walkie Talkies
17-Spelling Mistakes - Feel So Good
18-Dum Dum Boys - Idiot Boy
19-Rebel Truce - The Man Inside
20-No Tag - Legalised Dogs
21-Blam Blam Blam - There Is No Depression In New Zealand
22-Children's Hour - The Mongolian Bros
23-Bombers - Dance
24-Danse Macabre - Between The Lines
25-Desperate Measures - Generation Gap
26-Scavengers - Routine
27-Screaming Meemees - Sunday Boys
28-Newmatics -  Riot Squad
29-Penknife Glides - Taking the Weight Off
30-Spelling Mistakes - Hate Me Hate Me
31-Pedestrians - Saturday Night
32-Mi Sex - Computer Games
33-Pop Mechanics - Jumping Out A Window
34-Coup D'etat - Dr I Like Your Medicine
35-Newmatics - Five Miseries
36-Prime Movers - Crying Again
37-The Clean - Beatnik
38-The Dabs - Love The Army
39-Citizen Band - No Stereo
40-The Androidss - Auckland Tonight
41-Danse Macabre - ECG
42-Dum Dum Boys - Running Scared
43-Flesh D-Vice - Kill That Girl
44-The Gordons - Sometimes
45-The Herco Pilots - Essential Services
46-The Johnnies - Who Killed Johnny
47-Proud Scum - I Am a Rabbit
48-Suburban Reptiles - Saturday Night Stay At Home
49-Terrorways - Never Been to Borstal
50-The Scavengers - Mysterex (click here for missing track)
51-Marching Girls - True Love
52-Sheerlux - Lonely Heart
53-Coconut Rough - Sierra Leone
54-Split Enz - Shark Attack
55-Dave Mcartney - Virginia
56-Th' Dudes  Bliss
57-The Knobz - Culture
58-Mi-Sex - People
59-Dance Exponents - All I Can Do
60-Blam Blam Blam - Luxury Length
61-This Sporting Life - Total Loss
62-The Henchmen - Metro Blues
63-The Steroids - Out of Control
64-Toy Love -Squeeze
65-The Verlaines - Death and The Maiden
66-The Clean - Anything Could Happen
67-Spelling Mistakes - Reena
68-The Features - City Scenes
69-DD Smash - The Gambler
70-The Swingers - Counting The Beat
71-The Tall Dwarfs - Nothing's Gonna Happen
72-Proud Scum - Suicide
73-Alms for Children - Danny Boy
74-Toy Love - Rebel
75-Valentinos - Yesterday's Girl
76-Newmatics - Square One
77-The Spine - It's All Inane
78-No Tag - Oi Oi Oi
79-Spaces - Just Like Clockwork
80-The Clean - Tally Ho!
81-Dance Exponents - Victoria
82-Penknife Glides - Pleasure Through Tears
83-Screaming Meemees - All Dressed Up
84-The Instigators - Hope She's Alright
85-Graham Brazier – 1%a
86-Split Enz - What's The Matter With You
87-Dance Exponents - Know Your Own Heart
88-Shoes This High - Nothing
89-Primmers - You're Gonna Get Done
90-Russ Le Roq (Crowe) - I Just Want To Be Like Marlon Brando
91-Suburban Reptiles - 45 Single
92-Screaming Meemees - See Me Go
93-The Mockers  - Good Old Days
94-Car Crash Set - Imagination
95-Ballare -Dancing
96-The Body Electric - Dreaming In A Life
97-Childrens Hour - Carolines Dream
98-Peking Man - Plastic Head
99-The Dabs - Remember When (Click Here for this missing track!)
100-Danse Macabre - Web


Slovenlyeric said...

I have been a fan of NZ music for a long time and I have really appreciated your posts this week. While I have a lot of it, there are many groups which I know little or nothing about.

It is actually a fairly well documented scene compared to some you have covered. There are a few great web sits to check out including
dunedinsoundtapes.blogspot.com which has a all the usual Flying Nun and Xpressway stuff along with some live tapes and demos which fill in some gaps.

I know I have not said thank you enough. Great work.

bristolboy said...
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Jonny Zchivago said...

If Track 50 is missing, you can get it here: https://dieordiy2.blogspot.com/2018/09/the-scavengers-scavengers-action.html

Gary said...

Dayumn. Thanks for this!

Plastique said...

Thank you, i look forward to listening to this on the way to work.

Piers Plowman said...

Wow! Where to start? Thank you!

Tim said...

Track 99-The Dabs - Remember When is also missing.

Jonny Zchivago said...

OK OK...i've uploaded the missing two tracks and highlighted them in the track listing....click them to download.

phil tuper said...

Call on the lost gems please!