Saturday, 20 October 2018

Various Artists ‎– "The Signal To Noise Set" (Only A Revolution ‎– Only 2) 1984

Lets go back to Australia, and get a hefty dose of antipodean minimal synth from the Orwellian watershed year of 1984.All downhill from there, creatively, politically and culturally.
This album is an absolute Minimal Wave classic from the prime period BM (Before Midi), when man and machine were still in balance. Fingers were largely still needed to press the keys and buttons in real time, and computers had less processing power than a Tamagotchi.
Every track on here is a brutal slice of stark, 'Phat' analogue beauty, uncluttered by banks of computer driven synth modules.The only thing that was digital in 1984 was generally your wrist watch.
This compilation of Australian minimal electronicists is easily up there with the best of the European hordes.....but it was from it was ignored.


A1 –Informatics-The Great X-1
A2 –Modern Jazz - Radio Scream
A3 –Dono-Detti - Man Unlimited
A4 –Second Glance - Shackles & Chains
A5 –Software Seduction - Try
A6 –Shanghai Au Go-Go - Talk Back
B1 –Dono-Detti - Flesh And Steel
B2 –Into The East - I Stand Still
B3 –Nuvo Bloc - Living Brigade
B4 –Human Backs - Frankenstein
B5 –Dono-Detti - Forbidden


Background Information said...

Love to hear this as I am a synth nut BUT the link is a no go behest of the Amazon nazi's. Any chance on a re-up?

Norm Noia said...

link d/l gave me a Rema-Rema show. appreciated but...

Anonymous said...

Never heard of any of them! Gonna give 'em a listen. Many thanks.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Not at home til later. Will sort it out tonight. Dunno how that rema rema thing happened ???? Watch this space.

Background Information said...

Got it! Thanks for re-upping!

Jonny Zchivago said...

I haven't re-upped it yet!?....i figure its that usual Mediafire thing....just try several times if it does that amazon shit again.usually you can get through eventually.

Background Information said...

Well it downloaded fine this time. Must me a Mediafire thing as you mentioned. Listening to it so far very enjoyable and love the old school sounds!!

Norm Noia said...

all good. could be my old computer/browser with the file mix-up... when i click the wee area surrounding the target, sometimes it switches to different uploads of yours (i assume? they got weird headers). thanks!

Mill.a.Peed said...

Works fine for me!, some bangers on this one. Kind regards.