Sunday, 21 October 2018

Various Artists ‎– "E.M.C. Electronic Music Club" (Subterranean Tapes) 1983

More Ozzie minimal wave for ya.
It says on the insert 'Electronic Music Club released this compilation cassette during their opening on the 16th May 1983'....which suggests that this was a social areana rather than a subcription to a magazine for geeks.
Good to see more by Human Backs and Modern Jazz....fine stuff indeed.
The opening track is one of those limp-wristed camped up versions of former 'hits' that has one reaching for the fast forward button;but the remainder is a prime analogue kick in the nuts.
Indeed not all Australians are bemulleted, loudmouthed,culturally ignorant over competative Jocks.

A1 –Second Glance - You Really Got A Hold Of Me
A2 –7/8 World - Kitchen Logic
A3 –Dance Synthesis - Electromance
A4 –Human Backs - Takayama Rising
A5 –Donno Detti - Automation
A6 –Cannon Fodder - One Ton Sombrero
A7 –Human Backs - Pulse Music
A8 –Boptronics - Another Life
A9 –Bill Tolson - Basketweavers Of Venice
B1 –Lub Dub - Lights
B2 –Tanzmachine - Inside
B3 –Shanghai Au Go Go - Un-compatible
B4 –Tester Housing - An Igloo For Accomodation
B5 –Software Seduction - New Collision
B6 –Informatics - The Great X-1
B7 –Modern Jazz - Boom Boom Baby
B8 –Ollie Olsen - Excerpt From "The Bad Planet"


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Zopo Eighties Reünie said...

Yes, thanks. Do you have any more Human Backs material? Brilliant stuff. And yes, pre-midi, but you had your trigger/din-syncs in those days. Nice to hear the TB-303 pre-acid times.

Plastique said...

Thanks, a copy of this was sold on Discogs for £163!!!