Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Subtle Hints" (Sane Records ‎– SANE 001) 1983

14 electropop trax from 'Undiscovered Bands'....it says on the cover.
And they remained so, despite Sane Records' noble attempt to find the new Human League.
It's not easy to write a pop tune you know? and this album is full of 14 noble attempts to get into the top forty, and failing miserably.From a minimal synth/cold wave point of view,its all jolly fine stuff, scoring highly on the analogue synth sounds(although they could have been harsher and chunkier?) front and even higher for obscurity.....which is essential for minimal wave fans.


A1 –Squid Diddley - Always There
A2 –Chain Of Command - Some Aspects
A3 –Mon Amour - Always Tomorrow's Rain
A4 –My Pierrot Dolls - My Pierrot Dolls
A5 –Hidden Pleasure - Beautiful Lady
A6 –This Side Of Paradise - Witchcraft
A7 –Ad Astra - A&R
B1 –Time Statues - Statue Of The Night
B2 –Picture Book - Success
B3 –Ind-X - If It Happened To You
B4 –Synchronization - Pseudo Rich
B5 –New Vices For The Jaded - Follow Careers In Modern Love
B6 –Art Interface - Beneath The Calm
B7 –My Pierrot Dolls - Picture In Oils

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Anonymous said...

Have a new set of songs with this compilation for my sunday drive. Thanks so much