Sunday, 7 October 2018

This Kind Of Punishment ‎– "Live '85" (Xpressway ‎– X/WAY 2) 1985

The jolly excellent TKP in concert, in a venue that sounds almost empty......probably the effect of a few cardoid microphones pointing in the wrong direction. A bit of crowd noise would have improved this tape somewhat; but the quality of the music shines through. The minimal aspect of thisrather dry recording adds to its power,especially in the odd screamy discordant section and in its noisy crescendo on side B.

A1 The Sleepwalker 3:39
A2 Mr. Tic Toc 3:28
A3 The Men By The Pool 2:59
A4 Don't Take Those 3:02
A5 After The Fact 4:46
A6 Ahead Of Their Time 3:31
B1 Two Minutes Drowning 4:03
B2 Radio Silence 2:53
B3 From The Diary Of Hermann Doubt 2:54
B4 Just Another Funeral 1:49
B5 Flipper Go Home 1:41
B6 Some More Than Others 3:03


albrecht koschnik said...

I hope you will post more TKP, such as the s/t first LP? This is a major discovery for me!

Also: many thanks for the recent NZ skronk fest, Gate and Dead C are much loved around here?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dear Albrecht,
rathergood weren'y they?
1st LP tomorrow.

Slacker said...

Ah cheers! It'll be grand to head this again.