Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Various ‎Artists – "Underground Wave Volume 3" (Walhalla Records ‎– WR 005) 2012

I figure that as the word 'Belgian' has been left off the title of volume 3, that there are other nationalities involved in the running order for this one?
I can spot a Dutch duo immeadiately in the excellent 'Nine Circles'.....the lady in this twosome doesn't like me wery much, after i suggested they look like someones mum and dad getting down with the kids in the reformed version of  9 Circles (She took out a copyright complaint with Google against me,so their works aren't on here...highly recommended); I suppose you gotta get the money in while its there ,'cus it certainly wasn't in 1982. Also i may have suggested that the 'older' male in the original duo was some kinda creepy svengali with an underage girlfriend......turned out to be untrue.
I notice there's a rather  dodgily named group here called "Experiment Incest"???/...Wot?....they must be French I reckon...ahhh bless 'em.They do try. (Just checked, they are indeed Belgian,just leave me with my fantasy that they're really French will you?!)
This volume could be even better than 1&2?


A1 –Nostalgie Eternelle - Trust In You 3:10
A2 –Nostalgie Eternelle - Coup De Grâce 1:57
A3 –S.M. Nurse - Hot Day In Istanbul 6:07
A4 –S.M. Nurse - My Greedy Policeman 6:00
A5 –Nine Circles - Here Come I, Here Is Me 4:02
A6 –Van Kaye & Ignit - The Heat 2:32
B1 –Experiment Incest - Desire 3:53
B2 –Experiment Incest - We're A Professional Team 3:45
B3 –Maniacs - Vietnam 3:25
B4 –OB Minimax - This Charming War 2:27
B5 –The Misz - The Spinach Of Kiev (Part 2) 5:35
B6 –Secret Life - Private Little Madhouse 4:09
B7 –Unovidual - Metal 1:48

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Anonymous said...

Experiment incest are from belgium ! Sorry