Monday, 1 October 2018

Jandek ‎– "When I Took That Train" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0778) 2005


You should be on the stage......the next stage outta here!
Or, you could take the Train? But, as this cover photo is clearly from the mid 80s in a rainy London at christmas, i wouldn't bother; because it was still under the auspices of British Rail in the era when the 'wrong kind of snow' halted services, along with 'Leaves On the Line',among other excuses for inefficiency.......but we now want those good ol' days back.
The image of Jandek eating a British Rail sausage in economy class wearing his stetson makes me misty-eyed with awe.Obviously he didn't travel alone, or was this candid photo taken by a helpful passer-by? It seems unlikely.
Kurt Cobain once said,"Jandek's not pretentious, but only pretentious people like his music.".....our Kurt may have made some god-awful rock music, but I'll give him his due, he was a very astute music fan......but pretentious?..Moi et Toi?....that comment made me wanna send him more K-Mart Ammo for his shotgun.
Sure I'm pretentious, but at least i'm not pretending I'm NOT!?
Compared to Jandek ,Nirvana are Daniel O' fact Daniel O'Donnell would have been a far more left-field frontman than the cliché ridden corpse Nirvana became.
If Cobain had the guts to actually reveal his apparent 'Demons' in a Jandek Style he probably would be still luckily he didn't.Mainly because he wouldn't sell anymore records and no longer be the pop-star he craved to be despite his whinging about corporate rock whores and so-on and so-on(he just needed a slap really).
I dunno what train Jandek took that day, but it must have been a terrible journey listening to the slow agony of the songs in this collection.Like being waterboarded by a gang of pinned-up junkies,in a dark alley, but without the fun.Jandeks third class railway journey through life's darker moments has almost reached its Terminus.......whats so pretentious about that?

1 I Talked To You Today 4:07
2 When I See You Again 2:52
3 The Image Of You 3:27
4 Close To You 3:22
5 You Took Me For A Ride 4:13
6 What Else Is There 2:16
7 Wouldn't You Agree 3:22
8 You Made Me Know It 2:45
9 Angel Moves 3:43
10 Thing Called Me 5:43
11 My Escape 6:50


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blog, But you put last weeks album up again. So no new Jandek Monday!! :(

Jonny Zchivago said..., last weeks jandek was "The Place"...never put this one up before????

Anonymous said...

Yes, when you click the link. You get "The Place". I should have been more clear. sorry!

Anonymous said...

Well that's what I was getting when I tried to download it. Nevermind. Must have been a ghost in the ether.

kevinesse said...

haha. you said "nevermind"