Monday, 22 October 2018

Jandek ‎– "Ghost Passing" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0814) 2014

Feeling Good?...well its monday, and here's six hours of Jandek let loose on a piano to fix that!

We are all haunted by the ghost of our child-self. That stranger who looks deep into our souls from inside old photographs.We recognise these haunting individuals but have very little in common with them except a shared name.Even the memories we attribute to these phantoms are sporadic and incomplete, just brief flashes of vague highlights and lowlights from a world that seems to have never existed.What did they do inbetween the edited versions of these dead childrens daily lives.It'll forever remain a mystery.
Like Jandeks'career,there are brief moments when a recorded episode of his life appears,revealing something of his soul,then disappears into the shadows.No-one knows what the ginger one does inbetween albums,or live appearences as the Corwood representative.The photographs from random phases of his life that adorn the covers of the multitudes of albums he churns out are a testament to the lost time in everyone's lives; as if we only exist momentarliy then vanish,only to remanifest ourselves in the important slithers of time to fool ourselves that we exist.
The cover of this sprawling 6CD epic, is the second one of Sterling as a child, and the second album of Mr Smith's bizarre voiceless piano improvisations(the first of which,"The Song Of Morgan", also has a pre-pubescent Jandek on the cover).Its as if Jandek is struggling to remember the empty bits,like trying to find the lost notes.Memories are the tones between the notes,that slip away down the gaps between the keys on a keyboard.A piano is full of missing notes along the range of those 88 keys. Its a painful listen, but for different reasons that Jandek is usually painful. Like a Ghost wondering in a fog searching for some dead relatives who can recall shards of these lost moments for you,to prove you were once a real thing before one fades away into the mist forever.For we are indeed just a ghost passing.


1-1 Fantasy One 59:46
2-1 Fantasy Two 58:49
3-1 Fantasy Three 60:30
4-1 Fantasy Four 60:33
5-1 Fantasy Five 61:02
6-1 Fantasy Six 61:08



Felse said...

Well, this is more than enough for one Monday. I wonder what listening to one piece a day for the rest of the week will do to one ... I wonder if I'll have the guts to find out ...

Jonny Zchivago said...

Well, just you wait for next monday's little package.....only 9 more CD's, which make up "The Song Of Morgan" album......if you survive the week, next week looks like a harrowing one.

rev.b said...

It really looks like a picture of me at that age. Spooky. I imagine that means I'm ready for this.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Are you sure you're not the man himself?...or a disgarded twin?