Monday, 15 October 2018

Jandek ‎– "A Kingdom He Likes" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0777) 2004

Jandek Monday arrives as life passes like grains of sand slipping through ones fingers.
I think this is the only studio Jandek album, in the classic Jandek style, that I haven't yet posted on this blog......only the really long piano based ones are left,plus loads of live ones.
Jandek is on fine form,as the music groans like a dull toothache that responds to no painkillers. In fact a trip to the Dentist to have the nerves scraped out of a root canal without anesthetic, or a cosy night in listening to the whole of this album is a tough call.

DOWNLOAD an album nobody likes HERE!


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Jonny Zchivago said...

Sorry...I just had to publish the bit of spam i received in large quantites this morning.....It very funny.

Marc Plainguet said...

Thanks for continuing Jandek mondays. I always look forward to it to fill holes in the collection.

My favorite SPAM title I received was "Hoist Your Darling Sexual Times".


Jonny Zchivago said...

Some of this SPAM is very inspirational, poetry-wise......or do i just want Dr Moses Buba to make my penis bigger with his magic fingers?

Yes Jandek Mondays will continue....theres about another thirty to go i think. Next week is the 6 cd Ghost Passing...heavy going.

Marc Plainguet said...

I love the name DR. MOSES BUBA. I want to use it somewhere.

Looking forward to Ghost Passing. He just released the L.A. show we went to and I just ordered it for myself and a friend who's birthday is coming up. THe live show was his introduction to Jandek and he felt it was an incredible show. (IT WAS!) So, I also picked up Ready For THe HOuse to start him on his way.

rev.b said...

“…the music groans like a dull toothache that responds to no painkillers.” And that peaks my interest…. I s’pose the problem’s mine Maybe I find it an anesthesia for the pretty lies our media tells me everyday, I dunno.

Oh, and do feel free to let the odd bit of spam make it through as you see fit. Why, it just so happens I HAVE been thinking about increasing my penis size and it appears the sketchy Dr can help. ‘Dr Buba, I’ve been thinking along the lines of the hilarious boners Aubrey Beardsley used to scribble up, something so large it interferes with seeing ahead.’ Now that I think of it, perhaps that was the message. See? Good spam can inspire insight, of a kind anyway.

Perhaps Dr Buba will need an example:

Wow, a six CD set of Jandek next week. Be still my heart!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Dr. Moses Buba......a great name, but i'm not sure i'd let him touch me.

Tom Of Finland had a good line in drawing large peni also i seem to recall?

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